Friday, December 23, 2016

The Gaming in Pajamas Compendium(Up to 12/31/2017)

While doing some restructuring and organizing, I decided to separate the games I plan to play from the games that I have completed. So the compendium here is where all the completed reviews and collections will now be.

Completed Reviews and Collections:
From now on I'm going to make monthly compilations for the games I play, since this is getting pretty long. Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Gaming, Friends!


  1. Hey! i briefly went over your blog after i saw it in the comments of an game being bored at 2AM and noticed you play a lot of story like games... i dont care for them but have 25+ steam codes for multiple diffrent kinds... if you want to work something out i can give you a few for your blog :)

    1. That's kind of you. I do play a lot of VN games that end up on here, but I play other games too! Some just haven't ended up on here yet, like Subnautica, Haha. I also am working my way through some old games (Chrono Cross atm).

      I don't have any money to offer right now since I just started a new job, but I'd be happy to talk more when I do.

      Thanks for stopping by~!

  2. np :) let me know when you need em