Sunday, March 26, 2017

Ciiko's Bridge (PC)

"I believe there is another world out there, a better word, and I'll be waiting for you there." 

Source: Screen Capture from Game

Ciiko’s Bridge is a visual novel, adventure rpg created by Skyharborr. You may remember Skyharborr from one of my demo blogs (this one *here*) where I talked about a demo for their new game “A Fox in the Hollyhocks”—which I loved. Ciiko’s Bridge is a story about an adventurous boy named Taku, and his protective older brother, Jinsuke.

On this day, Taku is preparing to go on another adventure into the forest to see what he can find. Before we go adventuring though, we need to eat some breakfast! Jinsuke sends Taku off to Kamiya general store to get some milk. Taku sets off and gets to the store. Once there, he talks with Shinji a bit. Shinji tells Taku that old man Eden is coming by and telling his famous stories today. Excited to hear old man Eden’s story, Taku takes the milk and hurries home. Sadly, it seems Taku missed his story, but Jinsuke fills Taku in:

When the fog is thick, if you take 2 and a half silver coins, hold them tightly in your hand and walk under the bridge, you’ll be transported to another dimension.

Taku is fascinated by this story, and he can’t wait to try it himself! The next day when the fog rolls in, Taku sees his chance. Jinsuke firmly protests, but after arguing, pleading and crying, Jinsuke relents, telling him to be careful. Taku agrees and off he goes to the bridge. Holding the 2 and a half silver coins in his hand, Taku prepares himself, then walks under the bridge through the fog…

Source: Screen Capture from Game

Once Taku passes under the bridge he finds himself in an unknown place. This new place is a stunning forest. As Taku tries to gain his bearings in this unknown place, he is greeted by a figure that greatly resembles Shinji. The figure tells Taku that he is the Passagekeeper, and explains a little bit about how the multiverse works. Such as, you can only travel to a world where “you” do not already exist. So Taku was able to come to this world, the forest of Caligo, because no other Taku exists here.  Caligo is also ruled by the Forest Lord.

 Taku also learns that to return home he will need another 2 and a half silver coins, since the coins are taken as fare. Silver does not appear common in Caligo, however, so Taku will have to try to work for it. So, Taku travels into the forest to find some of the locals to see what he can do to earn some money.

There are five others to meet in Caligo Forest. Prince Ratsu, who is a faun, Tanukawa, the racoon dog, Riku and Hare, the conjoined pair, and the Forest Lord. Using a bartering system, you’ll have to find ways to make everyone happy so that they will pay you.

Source: Page

I really appreciated the bartering system. I love a good bartering system, and Ciikos does a good job, for the most part. You CAN barter yourself into a corner, and only a certain number of items will provide the needed reactions from Ratsu. I created different saves to help protect myself, and it look me about 3 tries to get the combinations and reactions down.

The artwork in this game is super adorable, skyharborr is quite a talented artist. The music and sound effects are also fitting and well done. The colors are soft, but vibrant, and the characters are unique and interesting.

Overall, I greatly enjoyed this game, despite the trouble I had a few times with the bartering system. There are a total of 5 endings, I believe, and I got two of them. Both of the endings I received were sweet and very heartwarming, so a heartwarming ending to a cute little game. The game is a bit longer, it took me about 45 minutes to an hour to complete the game the first time. If you would like to give this game a try for yourself, please download the game from its page *here*.

As always, be sure to leave your words of encouragement or helpful criticism for the creator as well, to help them improve future creations.

Happy Gaming, Friends!

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Demos to Keep an Eye On #4

Hello Friends! Demos are a great way to get the feel for a game before you have to consider laying down the cash for the full game. I like to play demos, myself. They provide a quick snapshot and give me, generally, a good idea of whether or not I want to make plans to get the full game. I hope you'll find a game here to keep an eye on for yourself.

1. PiAwk (In Development)

PiAwk is a cute, although unfinished, platformer game about a little bird created by HiWarp. You play as a little bird in a strange world. You are started off with no real directions or objectives, and you just wander on your own. Eventually you find yourself in trouble and must get your other captive birds to help you.

The thing I love most about this game, besides the adorable bird, is the style if the game. It’s very cute and minimalistic. The black lines over the white background is an attractive look, I think. It’s very well done. You can play this little prototype for yourself by downloading it from for free *here* or from Steam *here*.

**update: the game is slated for release in Fall of 2017 so I am looking forward to it!

2. Slipping Soul (Prototype)

Source: Page

Slipping Soul is a platforming puzzle game in creation by nelsonliangamedev where your goal is to reach the door. You do this by moving leavers to alter the landscape, dodging monster eyes, and possessing said monster eyes to allow movement. These eyes have a line of sight, and if you cross into the eye’s line of sight, then you must start over. However, you can possess the eyes and alter their line of sight for a short time.

This game involves moving quickly, and was an enjoyable platformer. I’m not skilled in platformers, particularly those where I have to use a keyboard. I would have loved for it to have full controller support—but while my Logitech controller let me move, I couldn’t jump. Alas, I had to use the keyboard.

Even so, the controls felt smooth and natural. I liked the graphics and the music also. If you enjoy platformers with more puzzle aspects, then this game will be for you. I look forward to the full version. You can download the prototype and play the game for free *here*.

3. Insight (Prototype)

Source: Screen Capture from Game

Insight is a unique puzzler game created by Havendaze. Insight surprised me as a game, and is all about perception and point of view. Your goal is to reach the giant fire of the Gods in order to steal it, and in order to do that, you must reveal the path. Around the area, there are buttons to press, and each button corresponds to a color. When you press each switch, certain walls will flood with that particular color, usually revealing a new path to take.

This game was a very unique experience for me. I appreciated the puzzle elements of the game, as well as the use of colors and “empty” space. The landscape appears differently depending on where and how you look at it, which is something that I find intriguing. The music is relaxing and overall the game provided a relaxing and enjoyable experience. I look forward to seeing an expanded project, but until then, I recommend you try the prototype for yourself which can be downloaded and played for free *here*.

4. Don’t Kill Her DEMO (In Development)

Source: Page

Don’t Kill Her is a strange puzzle platformer created by wuthrer. You play as a, so far, unnamed character, traversing a strange and sometimes unsettling world in pursuit(?) of a woman. According to the page, you are this woman’s murderer. Is she a ghost? Or are you trying to kill her now…? It’s a mystery, and I’m dying to solve it.

The visuals for this game are so unique, hand drawn, and give the appearance of one plaything through a sketchbook almost. The audio is also spot on, I feel. The story… well, much isn’t revealed at this time, but I kind of like it that way. The controls felt smooth and I was able to use a controller—which is a plus for me cause platforming on keyboard controls is not so good for me. In any case, this demo is available on, and the game has also been greenlit on steam, so keep an eye out for that. You can download the demo from *here* or from Steam *here*.

As always, be sure to leave your comments for the game creators on their pages. Words of encouragement or helpful criticism are always welcome, so that the developers can continue to improve their skills and content. 

Happy Gaming, Friends!


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Free Games #7

Hello again, friends! So nice to see you~ Today I want to share four more free games that I found on I always welcome your thoughts on any of the games, so feel free to share. Without further ado, let's check out some games! 

1. Investi-gator

Source: Page

Investi-gator is a cute little 3D point and click, comedy/mystery created by John Guerra, Connor Clang and Eric Faust of We Need Bees. You play as the Ivesti-gator and you are investigating a crime! What crime, you ask? Well, we aren’t sure, but we are going to find out!

Investi-gator is short, and can be completed in about 5-10 minutes. Find the clues, solve the crime! The 3D graphics are cute and vibrant. The only sound I didn’t like was when they talked. I thought the sound effect wasn’t very fitting. It didn’t take away from the game, I just did my own voice overs in my head. The characters are quirky and silly, which I loved.

The ending was cute, with a surprise! It was cute and funny, if out of left field. You can download the game to try for yourself from *here*.

2. Sales Pitch

Source: Page

Sales Pitch or Dude Where is my Pitch, is a point and click game created by IronicLark and Kiririn51 of Sukeban Games. It’s a short game about bumbling your way through a presentation speech you really weren’t prepared for. We’ve all been there. You were up too late playing Dragon Quest, you were out drinking and having too much fun, or maybe you just plain forgot. Next thing you know, you’re standing in front of a room full of people trying to not sound like an ignoramus.

This game is pretty cute, I have to admit. The entire game exists on one screen, and I admire the pixel style. You click on a variety of items around the room to piece together your assignment. I was impressed with how well the presentation got pieced together. It was better than I could have done for sure! If you want to see it for yourself, you can download it for free from *here*.

3. Drink Up, Witches

Source: Page

Drink Up, Witches is a top down puzzle game created by Victoria McCreary, Jack Bransky, Becca Hallstedt, and Zach Rubenstein. This game surprised me. I downloaded this game without reading any description and without seeing any screen caps. I figured, “Little game about a Witch, should be fun.” Oh, sir or madam, let me tell you. You play as an adorable little Corgi dog, named Pep-Pep. Your job is to fetch the ingredients for the witch and add them to the cauldron to make the correct potion.

The graphics are just so cute. Watching that corgi prance around and bouncing up and down made my afternoon. The colors are vibrant and poppy, and the controls worked great. I was sad that the game is so short, beaten in just a couple of minutes, because I was having so much fun.

The game is simple and easy, in fact I believe my 8-year-old daughter would likely enjoy this game as well. In any case it was a fun, albeit very short game. If you want to play it for yourself, you can download it from *here*.

4. Indigo Child

Source: Page

Indigo Child is a short adventure game created by James Hostetler(aka metkis), about a child who helps return lost souls to their owners so that they may rest. There are 3 different souls to rescue. To make the souls appear you must “sing.” You do this by pressing “a” on an xbox controller, or if you are using your keyboard, the left mouse button. Click the button to call, and hold the button to sing. Once the soul appears, you need to press the “a” or left mouse button repeatedly to keep the soul following you while you lead it to the right owner.

The game is styled like white chalk on black paper, which I think is charming. The creatures you fetch the souls for are rather cute. I thought it was a little lacking in the sound department. I thought that at least when the child was singing or calling, there would have been some audio to accompany the action. I also got stuck a lot because there wasn’t a clear defined edge of the map. The 3rd soul is off to the side, and I kept missing it because I would hit the end of the map before I got there and thought the map ended.

Still, I found the game charming and unique, and I would recommend giving it a try. The game is free to download and play from *here*.

As always, if you play these games, please leave your words of encouragement or helpful criticism for the creators to help them improve their skills and contents. 

Happy Gaming, Friends!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

I Did A Thing Today

So, today I did something that I have wanted to do for a long time. I got my first tattoo. Being the gaming nerd that I am, what else would I get a tattoo of but a piece of gaming lore? It was agonizing to choose for my first tattoo. I didn't know what it would be like, so I wanted to make sure t hat if I chose to not get another tattoo in the future, I would still be happy with what I got. So... I made my decision:

So the personable Weighted Companion Cube it is. Portal is a dear game to me, both the first and second. The use of snarky narrative and physics based puzzles makes my heart sing. Companion Cubes are the unsung heroes...  Above is simple the stencil that was transferred onto my skin. I was nervous, but more excited, and I was happy to have my 2 closest friends with me for support. After the stencil was positioned, it was time for line art:
Not too bat, except for the top hearts that are near the inside of the elbow. That hurt kind of bad. That was done with a single needle. I was more nervous about the upcoming coloring... cause you upgrade to a gun with like 4 needles instead of just one. Preparing for pain...

I won't lie, some of that really fuckin hurt.  We had to take a couple of breaks in between, plus I was really bleeding  in some spots. Thanks to my friends who kept me distracted by talking through it.Finally, we're almost done...
Those hearts are really bleeding... Finally we were all finished. An hour and a half in total, and I was hungry, and exhausted. We went out for lunch to my favorite place (Panera Bread) and then we headed home (I fell asleep in the car--sorry guys). Once I got home, I got to remove the plastic protection from my tattoo and clean it up before I passed tf out in bed. Here is the finished tattoo, cleaned up and beautiful:

I'm totally in love with it. It even looks better in person. The hearts are like this vibrant pink that looks great against the gray of Sir Companion Cube. I'm totally happy with it, and the girl that did it, Margot, is amazing. I have known her a while, but now I know that she'll be the person to do my future tattoos. 

... Can I get my next one yet? Time to start planning...

Thanks for stopping in, everyone. Happy Gaming! 

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Pluto's Tears (PC)

”I’ve always liked Saturn, but I also have some sympathy for Pluto because I heard it’s been downgraded from a planet, and I think it should remain a planet. Once you’ve given something planetary status, it’s kind of mean to take it away.” –Jared Leto

Source: Page

Pluto’s Tears is a cute 2D adventure game created by Kestrel Games. Pluto has been feeling  a little down ever since he was downgraded from a planet to a mere planetoid. Soon, Pluto grows angry. Not a planet?! Pluto will show them what a “planetoid” can do! Show the entire solar system what Pluto can do!

In Pluto’s Tears, you get to be Pluto and take your revenge on the solar system for their heartless treatment of you. Using your mouse, or touchscreen(I liked this option better), slingshot Pluto through the solar system so that he can “eat” up the space debris and grow larger. Continue to get larger and consume enough debris so that soon… soon you will consume even the planets that mocked you. (insert evil laughter)

Watch out for nuclear waste floating by, if Pluto eats that he’ll shrink a little bit. Also, beware the Trump Bots! Trump Bots taste awful, and they will also throw nuclear waste at you as you sail by.
The 2D graphics are super adorable, and the colors suit the space terrain. I like the little bursts of color you see from the other planets, and the orange glow of the trump bots. The music is relaxing and delightful also. While the mouse can be used for controls, I much preferred using my tablet pen and using the touch screen for aiming. It felt smoother and more accurate.

Source: Screen Capture from Game

This game is such fun! I really had a blast playing it. The only things I had trouble with were that as you got bigger, the screen stayed the same size, and it was hard to tell where I was sling shoting—but I suppose that is part of the challenge—and sometimes I was sail by debris SO close, and miss. Again, likely part of the challenge of the game, and since everything else moves while you move, it can be challenging to aim(or stop yourself) accurately.

Overall this game is a delight. It took about 15 minutes to play through, and I enjoyed the entirety of it. Pluto has always been my favorite planet, and will always be a planet to me. I definitely recommend playing the game for yourself. You can download the game to play for free from *here*.

Happy Gaming, Friends!


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

| Film Noir Detective || Bear With Me pt. 1

Been working some on getting my YouTube Channel up and moving along to help with my Gaming in Pajamas. I hope you'll watch, like, subscribe, and share your thoughts.

I'm still terrible at this, but you're really just watching for the games anyway, right? ;) I'll be working to improve as I go on.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Missing Parts of Maria Gwozdek (PC)

“The devil doesn’t come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns. He comes as everything you’ve ever wished for.”

Source: Screen Capture from Game

The Missing Parts of Maria Gwozdek is a horrifying, visual novel style game created by senokos. In this game, you play as a young woman named Maria who is down on her luck. Struggling to find work, and on the verge of being evicted, Maria is desperate for a solution. While out walking one night, Maria is confronted by a figure who introduces himself as Orin. Orin tells Maria that he can grant wishes, and that he will grant her wish and give her the job she desires in exchange for one of her organs/body parts.

Horrified, Maria flees back to her apartment for safety. Once there, she finds a piece of paper—a contract—that details the agreement. In exchange for a wish, Maria will sacrifice… and a blank space. Maria is able to fill the space with an organ to give up and get her dream job. By doing this, Maria agrees to the terms of the contract, although the extent of those terms is something Maria maybe should ask about before... oh, never mind, we're just going to sign it. Maria can choose to lose an eye or an ear. I played through multiple times to see the differences, but personally I feel I would rather give up an ear.

Source: Screen Capture from Game

When Maria goes to sleep, she dreams of a red room, named the Carmine Room, and muffled voices. The room has no exits, and the walls absorb every sound. Suddenly, a dark figure appears to, painfully, relieve Maria of her chosen body part….

In the morning, Maria receives a call, finding that she did get the job she wanted, and so desperately needed. Maybe sacrificing one body part isn’t so bad…? Things seem to be going so much better for Maria. She and her sister and getting along better, Maria has a new boyfriend, a great job…

After some time, however, Maria and her boyfriend have an altercation and her boyfriend is angry about the hours she has been working, going as far as asking if she is having an affair with her boss. He storms off and Maria laments, “I wish he understood what it was like to be missing a part of himself…” Unfortunately, Orin shows up again to tell Maria that she technically made a wish, so whether she likes it or not… it’s time to lose another body part. This time… we get to choose between an arm or a leg.

Source: Screen Capture from Game

Once again, Maria is subjected to the Carmine room and loses either an arm or a leg. Afterwards, you'll have one more choice left to make, but I won’t spoil it. Your final choice is tied more to the ending you receive.

The graphics in this game are nice. I like the minimalist backgrounds of the homes, and the pictures of the characters that show next to the dialogue boxes show only a shadow and eyes, adding to the feeling of darkness and unease.

Overall, I found this game horrifying, yet enthralling. It takes about a half an hour to complete one play through, and I played through twice to test out what losing the other body parts were like, and testing a different ending. If you enjoy psychological horror, then this is for you. You can download and play this game from free for its page *here*.

Happy Gaming, Friends!