Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Fur the Love of Gaming || Furwind (PC)

Title Screen

Furwind is a fun action platformer game in the works by Boomfire Games. Furwind is the name of the small fox that you play as. An evil force has been awakened by a dark cult, threatening the balance of nature. Furwind has been chosen to restore balance. He’ll learn abilities to help him on his quest as well.

I really enjoyed this demo, despite the fact that platformers and quick reflexes are not my forte. The graphics are vibrant and colorful, the music and SFX are great. The controls probably would have felt better to me on a gamepad, since my right hand isn’t as agile when hitting those arrow keys. That’s my error, however, and for the most part the controls felt nice. The animations are cute, I love Furwind’s tail attack animation. The enemies are well made and there seems to be a good variety.

Oh no, a boss!

The demo has the first 3 levels available for play, and the demo offers fair challenge without being rage inducing. I enjoyed playing through the environments, and I look forward to seeing more as it comes. If you enjoy platformers, and are looking for something cute with a little challenge, then this could be for you. Give the demo a try free from Itch.io *here*

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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Norse Adventure || Finding Idun (PC)

Starry Night

Finding Idun is a cute adventure game created by Chris Macey where you play as Loki and you are on a journey to Jotunheimr to rescue Idun. When the great giant Thjazi tricked Loki into promising to bring her to him, Loki had no choice but to comply. Loki led Idun (the goddess who possessed magic apples of youth, the same apples that kept the gods young) out to the woods, Thjazi swept down in eagle form and took Idun away to his home in J√∂tunheimr (per the Itch.io page). You’ll be platforming, solving puzzles and meeting new people.

You have to read the Itch.io page to get the story information, as the game doesn’t tell you any of this. All I knew from starting the game was that I was going to rescue Idun. It was fine for just going to play the game, but I’m a gal that likes backstory so it might have been nice to even just have a little description at the beginning of the game.

I love this place

I like the dark, backlit graphics which is reminiscent of games like Limbo with the glowing eyes. The music is nice, and there’s enough of a variety in the different areas that I didn’t get tired of it. The controls, however, can be more difficult to deal with. I have fallen off many a ledge because the moving and jumping mechanics don’t always want to work together. 

I’m a big fan of Norse Mythology, and mythology in general, so that’s what drew me to this game in the first place. There is also a phone app that can be used to unlock more story. There are 4-digit pins in the game that you can find to do this. I think it’s interesting to tie a game you play on a PC to an app like that.

Overall, I like the game. It could use some polishing and minor mechanic fixes, but it’s still worth a play. You can download and play Finding Idun free from Itch.io *here*.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Catventure! || The Chronicles of Zuro DEMO


The Chronicles of Zuro is an action adventure game in the works by Exmat. You play as an adorable cat boy(or girl, maybe?), who works at a restaurant located on the back of a giant tortoise. I’m not sure what the full plot is planned to be, but in the demo, you’re exploring a forest to place 3 hidden alter stones, and defeat the boss.

The graphics are cute, they sort of have an N64 look to them. The character you play as is super cute! I’ve always had a thing for characters with cat(or other animal) ears. The colors are bright and attractive as well. The environments are crafted nicely.

A forest path...

I had some trouble working my slingshot, and I wished that there had been a little more tutorial to tell me how to aim the damn thing. It was just guesswork. It took me 7 tries to shoot a ramp right to get it to drop. Aiming at barrels? Forget it.

I had a lot of fun just running around and exploring the world, though. There are barely any enemies, which I suppose is good since I can’t shoot my slingshot properly. There were some graphical glitches, but this IS only a demo, so I shouldn’t judge too harshly. The sound effects could also use some work. In particular I would have liked some splash sounds when walking through water.

Such a nice view, though.

Overall, I feel the demo shows some promise. The graphics are nice, the characters are cute, I just wish I had a better idea of any story. I hope that the developer is able to build upon this demo in the future, because I’d like to play it. You can try the demo for yourself *here*

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Deep in the Heart of Trouble || Date or Die (Prologue/Pilot)

Date or Die is an episodic (so far) visual novel game in the works by Arden. You play as “Hero” and you’ve awoken to find yourself in a metal room with no immediately apparent escape. There is one door, but it’s locked, and a computer screen built into one wall. When the screen comes to life, you’re given a strange quiz and it matches you to another person, who you don’t even know. After which the door opens. You can even be matched to the host.

You’re met with some other folks who appear to be in the same situation as you are. They can’t remember their names either, nor do they remember how they got there. You do all have matching pink rings, however. They must have some significance.

Gang is all here!

I like the variety of characters. They all have a unique design and they all seem to have their own personalities as well. I really like the art style they are drawn in. I was matched with “Mesmer” in the beginning quiz during my first go, but “Luna” and “Six” caught my eye also.   

You soon meet the host, who explains that he has this game show to prove that anyone can find love. ANYONE. You have no choice but to participate, since those pink rings are able to poison you at the host’s whim. You’ll be participating in some challenges, designed to test your devotion to the idea of love (according to the host, anyway). But how far are you willing to go? A human’s natural instinct is to survive, but are you willing to kill another to have your chance…?

Mesmer's grin, though...

In the Pilot Episode, you get some sneak peaks with either the Host, or with “Mesmer”. Mesmer is one of the other characters being held captive for the game show. I don’t want to talk about them too much cause I don’t want to spoil any of it. I did enjoy both branches of the pilot, though. I’m intrigued by the host and I really want to know more.

Overall the Prologue and the Pilot Episode are great. They’re well written, the plot is interesting, and the characters are unique and they make me want to learn more about them. I can’t wait to see more from this developer for this game. You can download and play the prologue *here* and then try the Pilot Episode *here*.

Thank you all so much for stopping in! I hope you’ll give this game a try. Let me know what you thought in the comments below! See you next time!


Sunday, September 10, 2017

Free Itch.io Games #22

What's shakin, bacon? Today we have another small collection of free games from Itch.io that may or may not be worth your time. We'll only know by playing, so let's get to it!

1. The Hair in the Wall

The Hair in the Wall is a strange tale woven by AndreaPignataro. A long time ago I played another one of Andrea’s games called That Spongey Thing on Your Tongue, and you can find the review for that *here*. This happens to be one of her earliest works though. You play as someone who moved to a new town, a new job, ready to start a new life.

As you are settling in you notice a hair sticking in the wall of the basement. Thinking nothing of it, you pull it off and continue on. The next day you host a party and go to the basement to search for wine… and there is that hair again. Didn’t you pull that off already?

This game is short, and does a good job of building suspense. It sort of has a Junji Ito feel to it, which Andrea cited as inspiration, so well played. There are some grammar issues that don’t affect the playability of the game too much. So, if you like horror/suspense, give it a try free *here*. Just remember this is an earlier work that the developer improved on in following games.

2. Silent Crossing

Source: Itch.io Page

Silent Crossing is an atmospheric suspense game created by Lycaon. Very similar to Silent Hill fashion, you traverse a foggy town on your own, with nothing but a flashlight. The sound effects and atmospheric white noise is very unsettling, which really makes the game I think.

Overall the game isn’t bad, but there isn’t much to it either. You can always give it a try for yourself free on Itch.io *here* and let me know how it was for you!

3. If One Thing Changed

If One Thing Changed is a text based, emotional, choices matter story created by kahmehkahzeh. You play as a girl reliving her memories through childhood and into adulthood, and your choices shape how her childhood goes, good or bad.

My first play through I played it like I would have done as a child or adult, and got the bad end. I guess there’s no real surprise there. On my second go through, I just got ‘end’. So I wonder if there is a good end?

There are no images for the game, just text, music and sound effects. I could relate to the story. Perhaps not the content itself, but the emotions that the girl goes through are definitely familiar. The story is about 10 minutes long, and has some grammar issues, but you get the idea. You can download and play free from Itch.io *here*

4. A Melon’s Tale

A Melon’s Tale is a short and cute tale about a watermelon, created by Shelly Alon and Nikolai Reinke. You play as a watermelon that was thrown out in the trash, and now you want to help those who might just need some watermelon in their lives.

You only need to use your left and right arrow keys for this game. It’s simple, but I liked the cute visual style, and the ending was cute too. I also enjoyed the music and sound effects. The music and graphical style together almost made it like a children’s story book.

You can download it and try for yourself free on Itch.io *here*

Thanks for stopping in once again! You have no idea how much I appreciate you all. I hope you found a game worth playing, so I hope you enjoy. Happy gaming!


Thursday, September 7, 2017

Am I Dead? || Silent Neighbours (PC)

“For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one.” –Kahlil Gibran
This seems normal, and not in any way creepy...

Silent Neighbours is a short and spooky tale told by DeadBrain Gaming. You’re an old man who starts having some spooky happenings in his house. His TV seems to be turning itself back on, a strange note on his fridge, did he forget to turn that faucet off again? So, we want to get to the bottom of it all.
The game has a nice took to it, sort of like a Gameboy game. I like the graphics, the sounds are nice, and the game overall does a good job of setting the atmosphere. I started to wonder after a while, though, am I being haunted by ghosts or… am… *I* the ghost? There are good points that make it so it could be either, it’s up to your interpretation. And depending on how you interpret the ending, it may sway you towards one way, at least it did for me.

Something strange is afoot!

All of the controls worked well, I didn’t have any problems. You use WASD to move, and the mouse to interact with objects. Our old man walks so agonizingly slow, it adds to the tension, trying to get to the source of a noise, but having to traverse the house at half a pixel a second. As you slooooowly get closer, and the anticipation of solving the mystery grows. Slow walkers happen to kind of irritate me, so it was a little frustrating for me at times, but I appreciate the reason for it.
Overall, this game is a short little spookfest, and I liked it. I do wish the game was a little longer. It only takes about 10 minutes to complete, but I feel like it could have gone on longer. I never got to give the dog his treat! The game is free, however, so please download it and give it a try for yourself *here*.
As always, thanks for stopping by. I so appreciate it. Be sure to leave feedback and encouragement for the developer, and happy gaming!


Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Time is Ticking || Tick Tock Isle (PC)

"They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself." --Andy Warhol

Source: Steam Page

Tick Tock Isle is a time travelling puzzle adventure game created by Squiddershins. You play as Strike, a young horologist who is somehow transported back in time while trying to repair an abandoned clock tower. Now, as Strike searches for the way back home, he’ll help a family become a happy unit once again.

Tick Tock Isle has a lot to offer in the way of a short puzzler game. The graphics are cute, the colors are bright and the details are well done. You’ll be able to utilize the clock to travel between 2009 and 2010 to complete tasks to make members of the family content. You’ll have to find items between the two time periods to help the family members. For example, Melody is creating music and you’ll need to collect instruments to bring her.

How did this lawnmower get here?

Tick Tock Isle also has some mini games from the youngest boys that give you some of the most important items. The mini games aren’t long, and are a stark change from the pace of the rest of the game. In the mini games, you are armed with a sword and have to make it through a short platforming level. When you get to the end, the two boys reward you with a “treasure”.


I mentioned the graphics and colors, but the animations are smooth too. The music is beautifully orchestrated, and it very relaxing—befitting of the island that you’re on. My favorite music the from the part I mentioned before, with Melody. As you give Melody more instruments, she’ll begin to add them in with her beginning piano tune, creating a layered and more complex musical piece.

The game ran about 2 hours worth of gameplay for me, which I very much enjoyed. It could take up some time to find items that were a little more elusive, so play times may vary. This game is available on steam for 99 cents.  I highly recommend picking this game up, it’s worth more than it’s minuscule price. You can but it on steam *here*

 Thank you again for stopping in to see Gaming in Pajamas, I appreciate it. Be sure to try the game for yourself, and let me now what you thought in the comments below. Until next time, take care and happy gaming!