Thursday, June 22, 2017

Magical PonPon! || Seiyuu Danshi 18+ yaoi/BL [Extended Demo]

What's up, everyone? It's my birthday today! Plus, it's Pride Month! So we'll get into some LGBTQ+ games if we can. We can start with one now~!

Source: Screen Capture in Game

The first game we're going to look at, and probably my most looked forward to game, is Seiyuu Dashi. Seiyuu Danshi is an 18+ BL/Yaoi game created by the wonderful folks at Meyaoi Games. You play as Haato (or whatever you choose to name the MC) and you're a budding voice actor, working for a company. However, it seems you've been slacking off lately so it's up to Tocchan to whip you into shape!

Seiyuu Danshi has a lot of elements to it, so we'll take them one by one. First is the time management system, which is always my worst enemy in any game. You have morning, afternoon, and night to work with, and depending on the day of the week and any event going on, you usually have afternoon to work with, and then at night you have options in your room to choose from. Most mornings you'll be at the VA(voice acting) school.

Source: Screen Capture in Game

There is a wide array of clothing to choose from, including different underwear and accessories, however I'm not good at matching so I wish there were some better outfit options available(but this is still just a demo after all). Besides decoration yourself, you can also buy furniture for your apartment. Many pieces of furniture also serve a function, such as the computer, or bookshelves.

Since you're a voice actor, it makes sense for there to be some sort of work for you to do. You've got bills to pay, after all! I really liked the voice acting system used in the game. You're given lines and you have to choose the appropriate emotion to give the line when Haato says it. The better you choose, the higher your score. In order to get the job, you have to get so many points, which is marked on a bar at the bottom of the screen.

Source: Screen Capture in Game

One of my favorite aspects of the game is the wide variety of characters to meet in the game. You have the stern and adulty Toshiyuki, the shy Kazu, the fun Shiba, the enigmatic Shuu, and the superstar Hikaru. So you can take your pick! I wish this demo was longer so I had more time to seduce the men in Haato's life.

In any case, this game is one that I am really looking forward to getting (I pre-ordered some time ago, so now we wait) and it's really looking like it'll deliver. I look forward to more progress and a completed game to share with you all! GO download the extended demo on *here*.

Thanks for sharing your time with me, once again! Happy Gaming~!