Sunday, June 25, 2017

Splish Splash! || Mermaid Splash (PC)

Hello everyone! Thanks to my birthday, and also because this is LGBTQ+ PRIDE month, we’re looking at some special LGBTQ+ friend games. Today the game we’re looking at is a sweet yuri/GxG romancey story. So without any further delay, let’s get to the cuteness!

Source: Screen Capture in Game

Mermaid Splash is an adorable visual novel romance created by Sofdelux Studio. You play as CiCi, a mermaid that dreams of entering the Passion Festival and showcasing a special talent. However, CiCi has never had the focus required to specialize in just one area. She loves all her hobbies! This time, though, CiCi is going to do it! She’s going to pick a skill and master it!

This game progresses with the use of time management. It’s up to you to help CiCi plan her weeks wisely so that she can master one of her hobbies to show off at the Passion Festival. You’ll also get to choose a friend to spend time with on the weekends. You only have 4 weeks before the festival, so choose wisely.

In my playthrough I threw my all my time at Bea, the cuttlefish. Cause she’s adorable, and the tentacles reminded me of an octopus(my favorite animal). This meant I also chose fighting as CiCi’s hobby.  I enjoyed the play through, and the characters are super adorable. 

Source: Screen Capture in Game

Besides Bea, there are 3 other characters you can also spend your time with, Angie the Angler, Delora the Sea Slug and Maka the Shark. There are also 23 endings in total, according to the Page, so the game seems to have some replayability—especially if you’re a completionist. 

The game graphics are very nice, the characters sprites, in particular, are too cute for words X3 . The backgrounds and environments are also well done, and I love the soft look of the coloring. The music and sounds are fitting for the game, as well as the adorable story and cute dialogue. 

Source: Screen Capture in Game

Overall, I feel the game is worth the multiple playthroughs to get to know the other characters, which is what I plan to do! If you’d like to try the game for yourself, I encourage you to download the game free from *here*. You won't be sorry.

Thanks for sharing some time with me today. Be sure to leave some feedback for the developers, and happy gaming!



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