Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A Sinister Plot is Afoot! || A Hand in the Darkness 18+ yaoi/BL (PC)

Anyoung everyone! We're going to continue with some of the LGBTQ+ games for pride month, and my birthday. Today we're looking at an 18+ BL/Yaoi game that has a bit more of a serious feel. So let's get right to it!

Source: Screen Capture in Game

A Hand in the Darkness is an 18+ BL visual novel mystery created by Ertal Games. You play as Alex White, the baby from a large family, as he begins a new chapter in his life at St. Michaels, an exclusive boarding school. The story is set in the Edwardian Era, which is considered from about 1901 to about 1910. 

Alex shares a dorm with three other young men, Monty, Damian and Rick, who he becomes friends with and grows close to (some more than others). Each of Alex’s friends has their own personality and motivations, but I would have to say that Rick is more my type (I’m a sucker for the academic type like myself). There are choices throughout the game that will allow you to become closer to them, and even romance them if you so choose… but be careful. 

Source: Screen Capture in Game

As Alex spends more time at the boarding school, something starts to feel off. It almost feels like he’s being watched, and things keep happening to him, like being pushed down stairs, being attacked in the woods… it can’t be mere coincidence, can it? Alex and his friends decide to start doing some investigation of their own. Can they find out what’s going on?

Of course they can, but I don’t want to spoil it for you, so I won’t say anything else about it. 😉

The art and sprites are well done, I like the style of it, and the music and sound effects are fitting. There aren’t any NSFW CGs but a lot of very descriptive text, which is fine. Exercise your imagination, people. I liked the characters and their development also, I feel they were written well. 

Source: Screen Capture in Game

My only real issue with the game is the amount of grammatical errors. I'm going to see about perhaps helping to fix some of the issues to help the developers. Seeing as I had paid for this game, it was a little disheartening. None of the errors make it impossible to understand what is trying to be said, it just sort of breaks the flow.

The game does cost $10, but if you’re a fan of BL visual novels and games, then I would say it’s worth it. You can purchase the game from Itch.io *here*.

Thanks for sharing some time with me today! Be sure to try the game for yourself, leave feedback for the developers, and let me know what you thought too! Happy Gaming!



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