Thursday, March 16, 2017

Pluto's Tears (PC)

”I’ve always liked Saturn, but I also have some sympathy for Pluto because I heard it’s been downgraded from a planet, and I think it should remain a planet. Once you’ve given something planetary status, it’s kind of mean to take it away.” –Jared Leto

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Pluto’s Tears is a cute 2D adventure game created by Kestrel Games. Pluto has been feeling  a little down ever since he was downgraded from a planet to a mere planetoid. Soon, Pluto grows angry. Not a planet?! Pluto will show them what a “planetoid” can do! Show the entire solar system what Pluto can do!

In Pluto’s Tears, you get to be Pluto and take your revenge on the solar system for their heartless treatment of you. Using your mouse, or touchscreen(I liked this option better), slingshot Pluto through the solar system so that he can “eat” up the space debris and grow larger. Continue to get larger and consume enough debris so that soon… soon you will consume even the planets that mocked you. (insert evil laughter)

Watch out for nuclear waste floating by, if Pluto eats that he’ll shrink a little bit. Also, beware the Trump Bots! Trump Bots taste awful, and they will also throw nuclear waste at you as you sail by.
The 2D graphics are super adorable, and the colors suit the space terrain. I like the little bursts of color you see from the other planets, and the orange glow of the trump bots. The music is relaxing and delightful also. While the mouse can be used for controls, I much preferred using my tablet pen and using the touch screen for aiming. It felt smoother and more accurate.

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This game is such fun! I really had a blast playing it. The only things I had trouble with were that as you got bigger, the screen stayed the same size, and it was hard to tell where I was sling shoting—but I suppose that is part of the challenge—and sometimes I was sail by debris SO close, and miss. Again, likely part of the challenge of the game, and since everything else moves while you move, it can be challenging to aim(or stop yourself) accurately.

Overall this game is a delight. It took about 15 minutes to play through, and I enjoyed the entirety of it. Pluto has always been my favorite planet, and will always be a planet to me. I definitely recommend playing the game for yourself. You can download the game to play for free from *here*.

Happy Gaming, Friends!