Saturday, March 18, 2017

I Did A Thing Today

So, today I did something that I have wanted to do for a long time. I got my first tattoo. Being the gaming nerd that I am, what else would I get a tattoo of but a piece of gaming lore? It was agonizing to choose for my first tattoo. I didn't know what it would be like, so I wanted to make sure t hat if I chose to not get another tattoo in the future, I would still be happy with what I got. So... I made my decision:

So the personable Weighted Companion Cube it is. Portal is a dear game to me, both the first and second. The use of snarky narrative and physics based puzzles makes my heart sing. Companion Cubes are the unsung heroes...  Above is simple the stencil that was transferred onto my skin. I was nervous, but more excited, and I was happy to have my 2 closest friends with me for support. After the stencil was positioned, it was time for line art:
Not too bat, except for the top hearts that are near the inside of the elbow. That hurt kind of bad. That was done with a single needle. I was more nervous about the upcoming coloring... cause you upgrade to a gun with like 4 needles instead of just one. Preparing for pain...

I won't lie, some of that really fuckin hurt.  We had to take a couple of breaks in between, plus I was really bleeding  in some spots. Thanks to my friends who kept me distracted by talking through it.Finally, we're almost done...
Those hearts are really bleeding... Finally we were all finished. An hour and a half in total, and I was hungry, and exhausted. We went out for lunch to my favorite place (Panera Bread) and then we headed home (I fell asleep in the car--sorry guys). Once I got home, I got to remove the plastic protection from my tattoo and clean it up before I passed tf out in bed. Here is the finished tattoo, cleaned up and beautiful:

I'm totally in love with it. It even looks better in person. The hearts are like this vibrant pink that looks great against the gray of Sir Companion Cube. I'm totally happy with it, and the girl that did it, Margot, is amazing. I have known her a while, but now I know that she'll be the person to do my future tattoos. 

... Can I get my next one yet? Time to start planning...

Thanks for stopping in, everyone. Happy Gaming! 

PS I started a youtube channel, and you should TOTALLY go subscribe to it. I'll be reviewing some games there. and showcasing the games I really love, or games that I backed and supported. I'm sure you'll find something you love. Check it out here: Pajama Gamer Bell


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