Sunday, March 19, 2017

Free Games #7

Hello again, friends! So nice to see you~ Today I want to share four more free games that I found on I always welcome your thoughts on any of the games, so feel free to share. Without further ado, let's check out some games! 

1. Investi-gator

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Investi-gator is a cute little 3D point and click, comedy/mystery created by John Guerra, Connor Clang and Eric Faust of We Need Bees. You play as the Ivesti-gator and you are investigating a crime! What crime, you ask? Well, we aren’t sure, but we are going to find out!

Investi-gator is short, and can be completed in about 5-10 minutes. Find the clues, solve the crime! The 3D graphics are cute and vibrant. The only sound I didn’t like was when they talked. I thought the sound effect wasn’t very fitting. It didn’t take away from the game, I just did my own voice overs in my head. The characters are quirky and silly, which I loved.

The ending was cute, with a surprise! It was cute and funny, if out of left field. You can download the game to try for yourself from *here*.

2. Sales Pitch

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Sales Pitch or Dude Where is my Pitch, is a point and click game created by IronicLark and Kiririn51 of Sukeban Games. It’s a short game about bumbling your way through a presentation speech you really weren’t prepared for. We’ve all been there. You were up too late playing Dragon Quest, you were out drinking and having too much fun, or maybe you just plain forgot. Next thing you know, you’re standing in front of a room full of people trying to not sound like an ignoramus.

This game is pretty cute, I have to admit. The entire game exists on one screen, and I admire the pixel style. You click on a variety of items around the room to piece together your assignment. I was impressed with how well the presentation got pieced together. It was better than I could have done for sure! If you want to see it for yourself, you can download it for free from *here*.

3. Drink Up, Witches

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Drink Up, Witches is a top down puzzle game created by Victoria McCreary, Jack Bransky, Becca Hallstedt, and Zach Rubenstein. This game surprised me. I downloaded this game without reading any description and without seeing any screen caps. I figured, “Little game about a Witch, should be fun.” Oh, sir or madam, let me tell you. You play as an adorable little Corgi dog, named Pep-Pep. Your job is to fetch the ingredients for the witch and add them to the cauldron to make the correct potion.

The graphics are just so cute. Watching that corgi prance around and bouncing up and down made my afternoon. The colors are vibrant and poppy, and the controls worked great. I was sad that the game is so short, beaten in just a couple of minutes, because I was having so much fun.

The game is simple and easy, in fact I believe my 8-year-old daughter would likely enjoy this game as well. In any case it was a fun, albeit very short game. If you want to play it for yourself, you can download it from *here*.

4. Indigo Child

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Indigo Child is a short adventure game created by James Hostetler(aka metkis), about a child who helps return lost souls to their owners so that they may rest. There are 3 different souls to rescue. To make the souls appear you must “sing.” You do this by pressing “a” on an xbox controller, or if you are using your keyboard, the left mouse button. Click the button to call, and hold the button to sing. Once the soul appears, you need to press the “a” or left mouse button repeatedly to keep the soul following you while you lead it to the right owner.

The game is styled like white chalk on black paper, which I think is charming. The creatures you fetch the souls for are rather cute. I thought it was a little lacking in the sound department. I thought that at least when the child was singing or calling, there would have been some audio to accompany the action. I also got stuck a lot because there wasn’t a clear defined edge of the map. The 3rd soul is off to the side, and I kept missing it because I would hit the end of the map before I got there and thought the map ended.

Still, I found the game charming and unique, and I would recommend giving it a try. The game is free to download and play from *here*.

As always, if you play these games, please leave your words of encouragement or helpful criticism for the creators to help them improve their skills and contents. 

Happy Gaming, Friends!


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