Sunday, April 16, 2017

Free Games #9

Hello, Friends! Here we are again, ready to dig through the deep reaches of to find the most interesting games we can find and, hopefully, a hidden gem or two. If you don’t mind, let’s get right to it!

1. Forget Away

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Forget Away is a short sort of a mystery game with a surreal feel to it created by joot. You play in a first person perspective and get to explore a mysterious cabin for clues about what is going on. The entire experience was confusing and rather surreal. From the clues in the cabin you can determine that Nora and Kina were in a sort of hot and cold relationship, and had their own fair share of issues. We can also see that they were involved in an accident, and Nora did not survive the ordeal.

I had some trouble putting my ideas about the game into words, however, Angry does a good job in his Youtube video *here*. You can also download the game to try for yourself free from *here*.

2. That Spongy Thing on Your Tongue

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That Spongy Thing on Your Tongue is a strange and twisted tale created by Andrea Pignataro. I didn’t know what to make of this game on my first play through. You are playing as a man, who seems to be being held against his will by a woman. The woman’s monologue will tell a bizarre and unsettling story. I played through this game twice because the first time kind of went over my head.

I don’t want to spoil the game for anyone who plays it, so I can’t say too much. However, the conclusion that I came to at least, was a surprising twist. It does touch on some rather taboo topics, such as a stalking relationship, obsessive or delusional love, and it also swaps the typical genders that you see these behaviors from. A female stalking a male is much less talked about than the other way around. The game was quite an interesting experience, and you can download and play the game for yourself from the page *here*.

3. You Were Made for Lonliness

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You Were Made for Lonliness is a text based interactive story created by Tsukareta, which is comprised of a large team of individuals. You can find detail on each of them on the page for YWMFL *here*. In YWMFL, you are an android who has been purchased and awoken after a long slumber. This story takes place in the future, after a cataclysmic event called “The Fall” and what remains of humanity has taken to colonies in space to live.

This game is like reading a novel. I will tell you now, if you don’t enjoy reading, you will not enjoy this game. I did enjoy it. It felt confusing, but enthralling all the same. It made me think of a TV show that is out now called Humans, where there exist androids with expanded consciousness. This topic has always fascinated me. From what I gathered, it seemed that our android has been filled with a multitude of memories, many you will experience through the game. I couldn’t quite decide myself if these memories were past incarnations of her consciousness, or if someone simply stored a bunch of other peoples’ memories inside of her.

Whatever the case, this text adventure wove quite a tale of love, loss, and finding your independence. It is a long experience, so settle in and relax with this story. You can experience this game for yourself, by downloading from *here*.

4. Continuum

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Continuum is an exploration puzzle game created by Baku, the same bloke who made Blomst from a previous entry (*this one*). In Continuum you are a ghost, but for some reason you haven’t moved on from this earthly plane yet. In order to do so, we have to go back and relive some of our strongest memories. Perhaps it’s that “life flashing before your eyes” moment?

This game was creative and well done. The atmosphere is fitting, I like the Limbo style characters, but the music can seem a little more suspenseful than I thought was appropriate. I felt the game was more sentimental and though some more relaxing music would have fit better. The game advances by you making rotations around a looping scene, which was an interesting mechanic. It’s short, about half an hour long, but I recommend you try it for yourself. You can download free from *here*.

As always, please be sure to leave your words of encouragement or helpful criticism on the creator’s page. Doing so helps them continue to improve their skills and content.

Happy Gaming, Friends!



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