Thursday, March 2, 2017

Free Games #6

Who loves free games? I love free games! And has plenty of them to try. So here we have 4 more free games, straight off the pages of Let's check them out!

1.Hard Mode 101 Page

Hard Mode is a RPG visual novel style game created as a collaboration between Austin Shyu, Calvin Lu, Mina Li, and Tracy Lee. In Hard Mode 101 you have to face down your every day choices and balance your graces, happiness and well-being to remain a balanced and functioning human being. We do this by battling our challenges—quite literally in this game. In order to wake up and get out of bed, you must defeat the alarm clock!

This game was quite funny, and I got a good deal of laughs from it. It was definitely worth the short play through. You can try the game for yourself free from *here*.

2. Blomst

Source: Page

Blomst is an adorable dungeon crawler created by Baku. You play as a young lady, traversing the depths of dungeons to slay skeletons and… pick flowers? Yep! This game is still in development, though on hold, so more updates and expansions should be coming. I found the little time I spent with the game very enjoyable. I had some trouble with the mouse controls though.

I find pixel graphics just adorable and this game is very cute. The environments are rich in color, and something about dungeon crawlers just takes me back. If you want to try Blomst for yourself, you can download and play for free from *here*.

3. The Cat Who Didn’t Want to Take a Bath

Source: Page

Cat Bath is a short and simple platformer created by AshleeJames, Ali Krouse and Zach Rubenstein. You play as a cat, and as a cat, you hate water. So when bath time comes, it’s time to hide. Your objective in this little game is to collect the fish around the apartment while avoiding your human. If the vision bubble around the human gets to you, then you’ll be caught and subjected to the awful bath.

My highest score was 20 fish before I got caught. You use the mouse to look around, space to jump and WASD to move, but using the touch pad on my laptop worked awful for this game. It was also hard for me to aim while jumping, so I missed a lot. The music is alright, since the game is meant to be short, but it would become boring if it played for a long time. I did really enjoy the idea of the game, and I had fun despite my control issues. If you want to try the game for yourself, please download from *here*.

4. I Like Walking Very Much

Source: Page

ILWVM is a walking simulator game created by Camel504, where you play as strange spider walking through a beautiful and immersive landscape. The landscape is so beautiful, I stopped walking at a few points to admire it. The sound effects are also very atmospheric—the rustling leaves in the breeze, the twittering birds, the sound of your footsteps. The creator states: “This game inspired by some my experiences in social life. Hate incites a desire for recognition, and it starts to make another hate.”

The game style is a little bit like LIMBO that the foreground is almost all shadow, with the light source shining from the background. I like this style, and it works well for this story. The game is about a half an hour long, but be warned that when you get stepped on, that’s not the end of the game! The first time I played, I turned it off after I got stepped on cause I thought I did something wrong. It’s ok. This is a beautiful game to behold, and it’s free! You can download the game to play from *here*.

As always, be sure to leave your comments of encouragement or helpful criticism on the game pages. 

Happy Gaming, Friends!



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