Sunday, February 26, 2017

Losing Control (PC)

"An occasional foray into negative emotions makes feeling normal that much sweeter." --Brandon Mull

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Losing Control is a game created by Lisa Janssens with programming help from Stef Colruyt. Losing Control is a game about the importance of negative feelings, and coming to terms with them. You play as a young lady, wrapped in winter gear, braving a snow storm. As you traverse through the storm, you will come upon small areas that almost appear as shrines. Examining these areas will provide some dialogue regarding a particular emotion and how it negatively can impact a person.

When I first started playing, I felt like we were almost going through the Kubler-Ross model for grieving. However, it soon struck me more as a piece on depression, or even many mental illnesses in general. It could apply to a myriad of conditions and circumstances. In the game you follow a circular path, similar to a cycle, and you trudge your way past each of the emotional landmarks a total of 3 times as your character comes to terms with her emotions and finally accepts them.

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I related to this game on a personal level. The feelings and emotions described are real feelings that many people experience through their lives, and it my case quite frequently when my depression flares up again. By walking a circular path, you’re going through the cycle of identifying your emotions, thinking of what those emotions mean to you, and finally accepting your emotions and using them in a positive way.

I like the graphics and imagery of the game. The void and emptiness of the snow backdrop adds to the feeling of the game, and the storm shows the struggle that the character is making to get through her feelings.

Source: Screen Capture from Game

Overall, I feel the game achieves its goal—to express the creator’s feelings and to help others who may be feeling the same. As I said before, in my struggles with depression, I recognize the cycle all too well. It’s a cycle that those who suffer with chronic depression know all too well. The game is thoughtfully written and lovingly crafted into a wonderful display.

I highly recommend playing the game for yourself, especially if you have experienced depression or other mental illnesses that involve your emotions. The game is free to download and play, and you can do so from the page *here*.

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