Thursday, June 1, 2017

Yûrei Station (PC)

"Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel is a train." --Charles Barkley

Source: Screen Capture in Game

Yûrei Station is a point and click story created by AtelierSento. The story is akin to a Japanese ghost story, and it does a beautiful job at it. You play as a girl, taking a night train to an unknown destination (it was difficult to not break into song, there), but then, weird things begin to happen. 
 Source: Screen Capture in Game

Our girl is receiving ominous and bizarre text messages. She seems to know who they could be coming from, but why? Yûrei Station is beautifully crafted with hand drawn and watercolor visuals, with attention to detail that is admirable. The sound effects are spot on and fit perfectly, allowing you to really immerse in the eerie, yet beautiful world. 

Source: Screen Capture in Game

There are a couple puzzles, and they took me a little bit to solve, particularly the train puzzle. It was really a matter of not using my resources and not paying close enough attention to the minute details. The game is short, which I think was the only downside for me. Though, even as a short game, it makes its impact. 

Source: Screen Capture in Game

This game was, essentially, about everything that I look for in a game. It’s a game you really need to play and experience for yourself, so I cannot recommend it enough. I repeat, you need to play this game. You can download and play from free from *here*.

As always, be sure to leave your feedback for the developers. Thanks for sharing some of your time with me, and happy gaming!



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