Sunday, June 4, 2017

Tales of Saleana DEMO (PC)

Source: Screen Capture in Game

Tales of Saleana is the beginning of a visual novel style game revolving around vampires, specifically Saleana, created by HarmoniaProxPro. You play as Saleana, a vampire who just turned 20 and is about to embark on her first lone human hunt. Saleana however, doesn’t want to drink human blood, and had been surviving until now on animal blood. This leaves her grandmother very displeased, as she is breaking vampire tradition. Her grandfather, though gentler, explains that she needs human blood at some point to survive, that animal blood will not be enough. 

So, Saleana reluctantly agrees to go on her human hunt, but she's not sure where to start. Luckily for her, she meets Kalen and hears the singing of angels. That is, she fell in love at first sight. Saleana decides then and there that Kalen will be her victim. But… there’s a problem. Kalen is a priest! Not just a priest, but his cross seems to be one that associated him with hunters, who hunt and kill vampires and non-humans. Oops! 

Source: Screen Capture in Game

Saleana decides to stick with it, and is going to accompany Kalen for the chance to get at his neck. However, it seems the bright noon-time sun is too much for her and she passes out. We awake to Cassius, who is clearly a hunter. Saleana is in for it now…

The demo is interesting. I tend to feel that vampires and zombies are overdone, but I think this game can be good. The art is beautiful, the CGs and backgrounds are detailed and amazing. The music and sound effects seem a bit loud, I had to turn them down to almost mute to keep my ears safe in my headphones. 

Overall, I felt the demo gave a good indication of what was to come, and I look forward to playing the full version. You can get the demo yourself on *here* free to download. 

As always, be sure to leave your feedback for the devs! Thank you for sharing some of your time with me, and happy gaming!



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