Sunday, July 2, 2017

Free Games #16

What's shaking, bacon? Welcome back to another thrilling collection of free games on! Yaaaay. Okay, not that thrilling. Anyway, here are 4 more free games from, just for you!

1. The Best Romance Game Ever

Source: Screen Capture in Game

The Best Romance Game Ever is an april fools joke created by Michaela Laws, the creator of otomes like Seduce me. In The Best Romance Game ever you are trying to romance a small unfeeling robot who seems to be having a bit of an existential crisis. 

I wasn’t sure what I expected when I started playing it, but it wasn’t really bad. The robot was really cute, and the way his legs squeaked when he walked. This is a very short little experience, and it was for an april fools joke, so it’s important not to get your hopes up… but I felt it wasn’t as nearly as bad as some of the games I had played. 

If you want in on this little joke for yourself, you can go right over to and download the little game for free *here*.

2. Takume

 Source: Screen Capture in Game
Takume is a very short (around 5 min.) and linear atmospheric and dramatic adventure game. A mystic story about identity, dreaming and dealing with past events, created by telecrafter. You play as Takume, and you are searching for your sister. 

The game is interesting, but I felt it was lacking in some details areas. Some things that weren’t explained left me feeling like I had missed something important. The graphics, though simple, are beautiful. The colors are nice, and the music is also fitting. 

Overall, it was an interesting 5-minute experience. I felt bad for what happened to the little “doggy” creature though… If you want to experience this short game for yourself, you can download it for free from *here*.

3. A Tale of Toys and Terror

Source: Page

A Tale of Toys and Terror is a tower defense and card game hybrid created by Team Feed. The game is turn based, as you take a turn placing your cards/toys into designated spaces, and then a boss is released and follows a path through the room. The goal is to stop the boss monster before it reaches the end, which can be difficult. 

I liked the graphics of the game, and the sound effects are fitting. Although for a story mode, I didn’t get any story—which sort of takes away from the game for me. I had some trouble using power ups also, I would drag it directly to the toy, but it wouldn’t work, like the accuracy was off or something. 

Overall, I did enjoy the game, I don’t care much for tower defense games, but this game kept me wanting to play. You can try game for yourself free from *here*.

4. The 3 Beards

Source: Screen Capture in Game

The 3 Bears is a short point and click puzzle game by Nogoodnik Games. You play as one of 3 brothers after the car breaks down on an abandoned road near a cave. Strangely enough the cave looks to have been inhabited, and has a plethora of interesting items(including a rubber chicken. Classic comedy). Your task is to work with the items around the cave and find a way to get the car running so that you can get out of there and on your way. 

The game is very short, I beat it in about 5-10 minutes. The graphics are nice, and the music is wonderful. I liked seeing Chris’s crazy Elvis/Kuwabara hairstyle bounce around as he talked. The puzzle was easy to work out, but the game was enjoyable for what it was. I would recommend it if you like short point and click games. You can find it on for free *here*!

Thanks for sharing some of your time with me today! I really appreciate it. As always, be sure to leave your comments for the developers, and let me know what you thought as well! I hope you were able to find a game that you can enjoy for yourselves. Happy Gaming!



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