Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Love is Blind || Out of Sight (PC)

"Loving someone can blind you, just as easily as losing them can open your eyes." --Unknown

Source: Screen Capture in Game

Out of Sight is a romance visual novel created by Selavi. You play as Lina, a bookworm who enjoys spending her afternoons reading in the park. Today, she’s decided to settle in and finish her latest book by the lake, since the book is about a blind man at the lake. 

Lina finishes her book and decides to relax, so she removes her own glasses and takes a short nap. However… when she awakes, her glasses are nowhere to be found. Lina can barely see anything without her glasses. You get the choice to either look for them yourself, or ask for help/ This is where the branching seems to begin for the two different characters—Orion and Caleb.

Source: Screen Capture in Game

I found both Orion and Caleb to be interesting, but I like Orion a little more because of his fun having nature. Plus, playing pranks of people is what I would do in his situation. Caleb seems a little more straight-laced and serious. 

The sprites are nice (if/when you get to see more than a blur), and I love the background and the faux painting appearance. The music is relaxing and I enjoyed it also. There are 7 endings in total, plus a bonus ending you can get if you get all the others first. The developer was even nice enough to share an endings guide so that you could get them all if you had trouble, which is nice. 

Source: Screen Capture in Game

Overall, I think that this is one of the better VNs that I have played lately. I enjoyed it enough to play through all of the endings, even. I also enjoyed all of the endings, so I would recommend it to anyone who likes visual novels and a little romance. 

You can download the game free from Itch.io *here*. As always, be sure to leave feedback for the developer. Thanks for sharing some time with me, and happy gaming!



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