Thursday, July 6, 2017

Short and Quick games from #2

Hello people of the world! Today we're going to take a peek at some of the games I've found on that are too short for me to consider full fledged games, but which might still have something to offer to you. So let's see what had to offer!

1. Insatiable Creatures

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 Insatiable Creatures is a short kinetic novel thriller written by PB&Jelly. Four highschoolers have disappeared while exploring an abandoned hotel, so Thalia, who is very interested in the supernatural, sends Lucas to investigate. I can’t say too much in the way of story because I don’t want to spoil the story. 

This kinetic novel left me wanting more. I really enjoyed the story, the art was beautiful, the writing was well done and the voice acting was spot on. The music and sound effects were also well done, and added to the overall experience. I would recommend taking the 5-10 minutes for story time.  You can download it free from *here*

2. Back in My Days

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Back in My Days is a runner style game created by Folz. In this game, you take control of an old woman named Clarisse. Clarisse doesn’t like all this newfangled technology that these millennials are using these days, so she’s going to take it away! Is her rocking chair, pulled by a small herd of cats, she speeds down the road to teach these youngsters a lesson! 

Using your mouse, you have to click on any of the passing characters with red on them. The red is the modern technology, and the green is the old. As you click on more of the red youngsters, the cats will pull you faster, and it becomes harder and harder to click on them accurately. 

I like the graphics in particular; the old timey feel of the game is really nice. I’m not good at runners, so I can’t say I really got too far in this game. What I played, I did enjoy, though. I encourage you to try the game for yourself, it’s free to download from *here*.

3. Voice (Prototype)

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Voice is a prototype game created by a small team of developers, and posted to by Tony Coculuzzi, Ruth Bosch, Lisy Kane, Izzy Gramp, and Farah Khalaf. You play as a young woman in an art museum. You don’t really get a story, an objective, or anything. You’re just on your own. 

The art is beautiful, with a hand drawn quality. When characters speak, it’s not in words, but rather what sounds like airy flutes or other wind instruments. It sounds so cute, to me anyway. The prototype is agonizingly short, only a few minutes. I was really looking forward to more of the game. I hope some day to get more added to this charming little piece of a game. 

If you would like to try to prototype for yourself, you can download it from for free *here*

4. Chawie’s Quest
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Chawie is a little preview of an adventure platforming type game, created by Vinicius Osti. Your character looks like a baby Digimon, or a Tamagotchi maybe. He’s cute! 

Basically, the statue that is in the middle of your village that helps to heal the Chaw who are injured is broken! This is a huge problem. Do Chawie is going to set out to get a special plant to help fix it. This demo is very short, but attractive. 

The Chawcake function doesn’t work, and the respawn system could use some work. You can sometimes respawn directly on top of an enemy, which can make it difficult to get your place and move forward. However, I think that this game could be something worthwhile with a little work. You can play a preview and see what you think, by downloading free from *here*

 Thanks for sharing some of your time with me today! As always, be sure to leave your feedback for the developers, and happy gaming!



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