Sunday, September 10, 2017

Free Games #22

What's shakin, bacon? Today we have another small collection of free games from that may or may not be worth your time. We'll only know by playing, so let's get to it!

1. The Hair in the Wall

The Hair in the Wall is a strange tale woven by AndreaPignataro. A long time ago I played another one of Andrea’s games called That Spongey Thing on Your Tongue, and you can find the review for that *here*. This happens to be one of her earliest works though. You play as someone who moved to a new town, a new job, ready to start a new life.

As you are settling in you notice a hair sticking in the wall of the basement. Thinking nothing of it, you pull it off and continue on. The next day you host a party and go to the basement to search for wine… and there is that hair again. Didn’t you pull that off already?

This game is short, and does a good job of building suspense. It sort of has a Junji Ito feel to it, which Andrea cited as inspiration, so well played. There are some grammar issues that don’t affect the playability of the game too much. So, if you like horror/suspense, give it a try free *here*. Just remember this is an earlier work that the developer improved on in following games.

2. Silent Crossing

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Silent Crossing is an atmospheric suspense game created by Lycaon. Very similar to Silent Hill fashion, you traverse a foggy town on your own, with nothing but a flashlight. The sound effects and atmospheric white noise is very unsettling, which really makes the game I think.

Overall the game isn’t bad, but there isn’t much to it either. You can always give it a try for yourself free on *here* and let me know how it was for you!

3. If One Thing Changed

If One Thing Changed is a text based, emotional, choices matter story created by kahmehkahzeh. You play as a girl reliving her memories through childhood and into adulthood, and your choices shape how her childhood goes, good or bad.

My first play through I played it like I would have done as a child or adult, and got the bad end. I guess there’s no real surprise there. On my second go through, I just got ‘end’. So I wonder if there is a good end?

There are no images for the game, just text, music and sound effects. I could relate to the story. Perhaps not the content itself, but the emotions that the girl goes through are definitely familiar. The story is about 10 minutes long, and has some grammar issues, but you get the idea. You can download and play free from *here*

4. A Melon’s Tale

A Melon’s Tale is a short and cute tale about a watermelon, created by Shelly Alon and Nikolai Reinke. You play as a watermelon that was thrown out in the trash, and now you want to help those who might just need some watermelon in their lives.

You only need to use your left and right arrow keys for this game. It’s simple, but I liked the cute visual style, and the ending was cute too. I also enjoyed the music and sound effects. The music and graphical style together almost made it like a children’s story book.

You can download it and try for yourself free on *here*

Thanks for stopping in once again! You have no idea how much I appreciate you all. I hope you found a game worth playing, so I hope you enjoy. Happy gaming!



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