Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Free Itch.io Games #17

It's hard to believe that I've made 17 of these already, but here we are! I'm bringing you 4 more games free from Itch.io that I think you might enjoy. Let's not watse anymore time!

1. Morning Post

Source: Screen Capture in Game

Morning Post is a short, yet fun game created by happysnakegames where your job is to simply…. Do whatever you want. You’re a mail person, so deliver the mail, I suppose. Explore the area. Have an existential crisis.

I liked the look of this game. The style is simple, and cutesy, plus I loved that just about everything had a little face on it. Even your cursor is a little face. As simple and seemingly pointless the entire game is, I had fun looking around to find some little hidden characters hiding behind trees, and heaping piles of mail on everyone. I felt like the Owls in the first Harry Potter movie. 

The music is nice, upbeat and peppy. The characters are cute and there is a good variety. There isn’t much to this game, but if you want to take some time to unwind, and enjoy some nonsense, then this might be for you. You can download the game from Itch.io for free *here*.

2. Evo
Source: Screen Capture in Game

Evo is a game created by shide, where you get to play God, and craft a world to your own liking (sort of). Your world is a blank canvas, and through the use of natural weather or disasters, you can help plant and animal live evolve in your world. 

The game helps you along with some hints to get life started. You can just sort of do your own thing. My biggest accomplishment was creating some giant octopuses! I do wonder how far along the evolution chain will go.

I had quite a bit of fun watching my world evolve, and you can try the game for yourself free from Itch.io *here*. You can play in browser, or download. The download operated better and with better quality, I felt, though.

3. Lilac Way

Source: Screen Capture in Game

Lilac Way is a slow-paced exploration game created by carloalbino. You’re in a quiet farm like setting, with nothing but buttons to press.  These are sort of puzzles to get to a second part of the area, however the puzzle felt a bit unintuitive to me. They weren’t really thinking puzzles, or skill puzzles. It felt like mindless button pressing. 

The controls were also an issue. My cursor would keep setting off to one side or the other instead of in the middle which would make navigation difficult, as I couldn’t turn one way or the other, then. The graphics were decent, and I enjoyed the windmill and the lilac bushes. 

Although the game was relaxing and nice to look at, I’m not sure I would highly recommend the gameplay. However, you are welcome to see it for yourself free from Itch.io *here*.

4. Honey Home

Source: Screen Capture in Game

Honey Home is an adorable action game created by dvdfu. You play as a bee in the rain, trying to make it back to your hive, to safety! Be sure to visit flowers to save as many of your fellow bees as possible!
You use WASD to control your bee, and the controls feel pretty good to play with. You can also play using your mouse, but I found the mouse much more difficult to use. The graphics are cute, and you can tell what is what without any issues. The music and sound effects are also nice.
The was surprisingly difficult, but enjoyable game. It really gets more difficult towards the end of the game. I lost a lot of good bees out there to flies and frogs. I highly recommend you try it for yourself and see how many bees you can save! You can download free from Itch.io *here*.
Thanks for sharing some of your time with me today. I hope you found a game that you can play and enjoy for yourself! As always, be sure to leave feedback for the developers, and happy gaming!



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