Saturday, November 18, 2017

Beauty is Only Skin Deep || Meeting in the Flesh [DEMO] (PC)

"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance." --Aristotle


Meeting in the Flesh is a horror/romance visual novel in the works by cacoethic and inktrashing. You play as Vil, a delivery boy on a strange world that’s inhabited by a diverse number of… what you might call “monsters”. At first, I thought that we were in some sort of post-apocalyptic Earth, but then Vil described the planet’s 3 suns and I realized that we are on some strange and unknown planet. 

There is a good deal of reading, since this is a visual novel, however there is less dialogue and more descriptive writing, compared to other visual novels I have played. It’s not bad at all. I thoroughly enjoy reading, and the descriptions given made me much more curious about the world. The characters are all very different, and I’m very curious about where the story will go in the future.

In the plot of the story, an eclipse is approaching, an event that occurs only once every century or so. It’s seem as a great occasion and a day when anything can happen. Everyone seems to be making special plans, except for Vil. Perhaps someone else has plans for Vil, though?

Salt Bath... not a good time.

The demo takes you through two days of deliveries, introducing you to the major characters and giving a good bit of the lore and atmosphere of the world. I still am curious to know more, but hopefully that will come with time. Some of the characters can be rather unsettling at first sight, but half of this game’s genre is horror after all, and the artwork is very well done, regardless. 

Over all, I really enjoyed the demo. Kudos the developers for the great writing and artwork. I’ll be keeping an eye out for the finished game. As always, I encourage you to give the demo a play for yourself, you can download it free from *here*.

Also, be sure to leave your feedback and encouragement for the developers on their page, and you can also follow the development of the game through their tumblr *here*. Until next time, happy gaming, Jammers!



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