Thursday, December 15, 2016

Mr. Massagy for PC on Steam

Welcome back, friends! I don't have a clever quote to begin this entry with, sorry. Today we are going to dip our toes into the weird side of gaming, with Mr. Massagy. Mr. Massagy is a dating simulator
game, brought to you by Green Lava Studios. It was released December 6th 2016 on Steam and has been getting overwhelming good reviews. I bought the game because I wanted a pick me up, I was feeling a little down in the dumps, and it really delivered.

Source: Steam

In Mr. Massagy you play as Johnny (or as I call him, Muscles McAbs) and your Wingman wants you to get out there and… you know… enjoy the company of pretty ladies.  The game as it is right now offers you 9 different ladies to try to impress enough to take you home. Each is unique, and responds differently to what you say, and how you say it. If you have the right kind of controller, you can get a “massage” at the completion of each date. My Ps4 controller didn’t work, but per the steam store site, most controllers should. Once a date completes, your controller will vibrate. According to the Steam page, there are even different vibration patterns according to each girl’s personality.

Green Lava Studios would also like to advise you to take it easy with the controller. They don’t want any more proctologist stories. Here is the proper way to utilize the massage function:

Source: Steam

So let’s talk girls. As I said before, there are 9. Tuto-Rial(Haha), Nicole, Martha, Sarah, Mayo, Janein, Dorothy, Anne and Papu-Aiye. Using an app called Linger you swipe left or right through the girls, although you may be turned down is your profile picture, bio, or experience is wrong. I won’t talk too much about the girls because I don’t want to spoil the surprises for anyone who chooses to play it. However, each one is unique, if nothing else….

The game’s graphics are decent. It’s like a visual anime style novel, with generally static images, and the images change well to reflect how the girls are feeling and reacting to Muscles. I thought it worked well for the game.

The music sounds like funky club music a lot of the time, which is fine for me. There is a good variety to the songs so it doesn’t get boring or too repetitive. If you’re at home looking through your phone you can even skip tracks to find some music that you like.

This game really shines in the interactions between Muscles and the girls. I found it laugh out loud funny, and sometimes I was almost in tears laughing. There are a good variety of choices most of the time to illicit different reactions from each girl. I enjoyed even replaying through to try all of the options.

I would be really happy if there are updates to the game that add more dates. Rumor is, there will be. If that is the case, then I will for sure replay it. I may replay it for fun, however with the surprises ruined it wouldn’t be QUITE as enjoyable.

If you’re looking for a quick, silly game to pass some time, Mr. Massagy may just be for you. If you’ve played it, let me know what you thought. If you haven’t… what are you waiting for? You can buy Mr. Massagy on Steam HERE( for 6 bucks. What else are you going to get for 6 dollars?

Happy Gaming, Friends!


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