Sunday, June 11, 2017

Trapped! || Beyond These Walls (PC)

“Peer beyond the wall of doubt to embrace the possibilities.” –Truth Devour 

Source: Screen Capture in Game
Beyond These Walls is a short visual novel style game created by Samantai. You play as Prince Wysp of the fairies, and your entire life has been spent inside “for your own protection”. As you grow older, you become resentful that you’ve been kept inside, and seek to get out. The urge to escape becomes even greater when you find there is an intruder who seeks the Prince’s life. 

There are 4 different fairies that you can interact with throughout the game: Shimmer, Rust, Acacia, and Ash. You speak with them to try to get more information about the outside, and why you have to stay inside. However, none of them are particularly helpful. You learn there was a war of some kind, you get a hint about Wysp’s mother, but nothing concrete. 

Source: Screen Capture in Game

I played through the game 3 times, during which I got 2 bad endings and Ash’s good ending. I didn’t go through to try with the other 3, although I am interested to see if the plot twist is the same, or different with each character. 

The art style of the game is pleasant. The sprites are all cute, and the backgrounds are vibrant and nice to look at. I liked the color palette overall. I particularly liked the Prince’s room, with the waterfall and small river. The music was alright, but the sound effects were loud to me, I was startled a couple times. 

Source: Screen Capture in Game
Overall, it was a short, but not unpleasant game. At the end, I felt like I needed more information. I wanted to know more about the war, and about how it all fit together. I realize that it may have been left up to the imagination or intentionally left vague, but the knowledge seeking part of me wanted to know. 

You can find this game free to download on *here*. Give it a try for yourself. Let me know what ending you got! Thanks for sharing some of your time with me, and as always, happy gaming! 



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