Thursday, June 8, 2017

Free Games #14

 Hello, once again, everyone! I'm here with some more games you can download and play from for free! We have a good mix today, from horror, to exploration, to puzzle games. Let's not dawdle and take a look!
1. Tim’s Birthday

Source: Screen Capture in Game

Tim’s Birthday is a point and click horror game created by Kymarai. You play as Anne, and after a drunken night out with your friends, you have to attend your little brother Timmy’s birthday party hung over. Timmy seems upset that he knows you were doing “the thing.” Anne goes down to spend some time with Tim, feeling guilty about everything and ends up in a horror scene. 

Anne awakes… it was all a nightmare after all? Anne goes about her day, but is feeling a strange sense of déjà vu as this day seems to be playing out just like her nightmare. As in her nightmare, she witnesses a scene of horror… and wakes up again. 

Trapped in a loop of horror, Anne has to find a way to make it end. Is this punishment for the way she treated Tim? Anne decides to give Tim the best birthday she can, in hopes that will break the loop and allow her to move on with her life. But will it?

I enjoy the graphics—the sketchbook quality of the CGs is nice. The music and sound effects, too, are fitting. The game is thoughtfully put together, and apart from the death scenes, enjoyable. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times—horror games are not always my thing. 

I haven’t gotten through to the “true” ending yet. I got through 3 different death scenes and I after the 3rd one I kind of couldn’t handle it. I have 4 younger brothers, so it was a little difficult for me. There is a way to break the loop, but not without wading through the various death loops first. You can try the game for yourself, but be warned that it gets a little graphic. You can download the game to play for free from *here*.

2. Somewhere Strange

 Source: Screen Capture in Game
Somewhere Strange is a short exploration mystery game created by Rudi Prentice. You arrive on an alien planet that is supposed to be inhabited, but is strangely silent. You’re going to investigate the surrounding homes to find out why. 

The game certainly lives up to its name—Somewhere Strange. As you explore, the game gives off an eerie and mysterious vibe. The empty homes, abandoned items and living spaces, and no trace of any living life except for yours.  There is minimal sound, which adds to the eerie feelings of isolation.

The graphics are simple, but I like them. I also like the desert color scheme. You’re supposed to be on an alien planet, but the colors kind of made me think of a mars type desert/savannah. The game is also short. Expect about 5-10 minutes to make it from start to finish, though I really do wish it was longer.

I don’t want to spoil anything about the game, or the ending, so that’s all I will say about it. If you want to try the game for yourself, you can download and try it for free from *here*.

3. Walking With Her

 Source: Page

Walking With Her is an emotional real life story created by SwordyGames. The game is based on true events that happened with one of the developer’s friends. The game follows a girl’s escape from an abusive relationship, and moving to a new place in an attempt to start over. 

The game is meant to be emotional, and to a point it is. But I wasn’t really sure what was going on for most of the game so it kind of ruined the overall feeling. That game is lacking some depth and description, which would have made it much more realistic and heart felt. 

The graphics are simply pixelated versions of backgrounds, there aren’t any people sprites or anything. Pixilated backgrounds aren’t bad, but in the first cabin, I could barely tell what I was looking at at first. The interior was much better. 

It seems I am being a bit hard on the game, but I really just feel that the game, with some refinement, could be much better. But don’t take my word for it. You can try it for yourself free from *here*.

4. Pocket Legacy
 Source: Screen Capture in Game

Pocket Legacy is a casual puzzle game created by Kinifi. It is based around evolution, and you combine like tiles to advice your civilization’s timeline. You only have a 4x4 grid in while to slide and combine your tiles, so this becomes increasingly difficult as you need to make larger and larger combinations to get the tiles you need to advance.

Even so, I really like this little game. Puzzle games are something that I really love, and this game is well done. I like combining the tiles to create new tiles, the animations are smooth and the movements are fluid. 

If you like casual puzzle games, matching games, or something you can just relax and play for a short amount of time, I think this game fits your needs. My high score is 3127 years. See if you can do better. You can download and play this game for free from *here*.

As always, be sure to leave your feedback for the devs! Thanks for sharing some of your time with me, and happy gaming!



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