Sunday, August 27, 2017

Journey Abroad || Hallowed Tale (Prototype) (PC)

"It's all about the journey, not the outcome." --Carl Lewis

Source: Screen Capture in Game
Hallowed Tale is an action adventure game with platforming elements created by harrisonbright. You play as a character who looks like a cute scarecrow, and you seem to be heading off on a journey. A journey for what, I’m not sure. A character who seems to be an elder (maybe) warns you not to go, but we’re going anyway!

The character design is really interesting. The main character and the “elder” look like scarecrows, there is also an anthropomorphic lizard that is adorable. The enemy designs are also unique. There’s a slime that is growing mushrooms on its body, bats that look like fruit with wings (fruit bats! No? I’ll stop), and these little mushroom guys that you use to jump to higher areas.  The mushrooms guys are really cute.

Just hanging out
Source: Screen Capture in Game

The graphics are also nice. The characters are stylish and the environments are a blend of nature and stone ruin that looks really nice. The sounds are alright, but sometimes they don’t don’t make sense to me. Sometimes it will sound like someone is eating. At first I thought I used an item or something in some way and my character was eating something. But there aren’t any items as far as I know. Is it a sound that the monsters make? I’m not sure.

The controls for this game are definitely easier that a controller. I tried at first with the keyboard and It was a mess. My controller made it much easier. I had the most trouble with hit boxes when trying to hit the bats. It seems if my uppercut was off by a pixel then it the bat would hit me instead. There isn’t a health system, so unless you fall off a ledge then Scarecrow man seems indestructible.

I love this lizard character.
Source: Screen Capture in Game

This game is listed as a prototype, so I don’t know if the developer plans to expand on the idea or not, but if they did I think this game would be worth playing (with some minor fixes, or course). If not, then it’s still a short, and let’s not forget FREE, adventure to be had, and you can download it *here*.

Thank you guys, gals, and non-binary pals for stopping in to say to hello. Be sure to leave your feedback and encouragement for the developer, and happy gaming, Jammers!



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