Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Free Itch.io Games #12

We've made it to lucky number 12! So we have 4 more free games from Itch.io to take a look at today. I hope you'll find a game that you can enjoy for yourself! Without further ado~

1. Astro Flora

Source: Itch.io Page

Astro Flora is a cute exploration game created by Maibbit, and Benjamming. You place as an adorable little space girl, and you get to explore the color changing world around you.  While I enjoyed the look and style of this game, I never got anywhere in it. Both times I tried to play it, I must have wandered too far and ended up in areas where I could no longer find my way back to any discernable landmarks—making me exit the game. 

Both of my plays were short, about 5-7 minutes. Where the landmarks in the game are, the game is adorable. The effects of the flowers blooming as you walk through them was my favorite. The art style of your character, the roaming little birds and the landscape are all wonderful. The music, too, is relaxing and nice to listen to. Unfortunately, with nothing else to be found in this game, I can’t say much more about it. 

I wish that there was more to this game, perhaps a map, or clearer borders to keep natural explorers, like me, from wandering into the nothingness. This game does still have its high points, so it can still be enjoyable. You can download and try the game for free yourself, *here*.

2. Floragram

Source: Itch.io Page

Floragram is a creative experiment created by Armel Gibson, Théo Le Du, Maxime Conquy & Delphine Fourneau. In Floragram, you are able to type secret messages, and those messages are translated into lush and colorful foliage on an island. The premise is simple, but it’s executed in an interesting way. 

I found the game charming, and creative. The only thing I would have liked to see was some music added in to compliment scene of admiring the flowers and trees that your words have created. The graphics are simple, but cartoony and charming. 

I think this game would be beautiful if implemented as a like a “send a message” type of website or application. You could send a message to your friend/lover, and as he/she/they read it, it could transform into the flowery landscape. I think that would be beautiful. But that’s just me.
You can see it for yourself for free, just download from Itch.io *here*

3. Planetarium

Source: Itch.io Page
Planetarium is a planet generator created by Daniel Linssen. Click the question mark, or type a name into the bottom right area to find a planet. You can adjust the planets temperature with a slide bar, and if you find the right temperature, life may even sprout on your planet. 

While not technically a “game” I did find this planet generator interesting. I had fun typing in my name, and the names of my friends to see their “planets.” I didn’t figure much else in the way of getting life to sprout (I tried though). 

Regardless, I still found it interesting. The animations are vibrant, and aesthetically pleasing, and the subject matter is interesting to me, so I give it a pass. You can give it a try for yourself, free to download from Itch.io *here*.

4. Sweet Wave

Source: Itch.io Page

Sweet Wave is a fast paced action game created by Allen-Michael Brower, Josh Grilli and Carson Mauthe. The sun is hurtling towards earth, and the world is due to end soon. As an ice cream salesperson, what can you do? Sell as much ice cream as you can and ride out the final heat wave! 

I don’t know what I expected going into this game, because when I opened it, I didn’t even remember ever looking at the Itch.io page. I didn’t remember what it was about. I never would have expected to find myself machine gun shooting ice cream out of the back of an ice cream truck, though. 

This game is surprisingly fun. The graphics are attractive, and the sound is decent. It’s fast paced, and the controls are well implemented. I had some issues, but more due to the fast pace than the actual control mechanics.  The game is short. I mean, the sun does engulf the earth after some time, and I find the replayability (personally) low. It is a fun little distraction. You can try it for yourself free from Itch.io by downloading from *here*. My high score was $10,049 worth of ice cream. What was yours? 

Thanks for sharing some time with me, and happy gaming!



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