Thursday, May 25, 2017

Princess's Maid (PC)

"One day, my Princess will come. Until then, I will enjoy maids. Maybe a maid is just a Princess waiting to be discovered." --Michael B

 Source: In Game Screen Capture

Princess’s Maid is a romance, visual novel style game created by toki production for the Yuri Game Jam. In the game, you control Epponnie, a maid to the twin Princesses Martha and Tatiyana. The Princesses are getting married to Princes of other kingdoms for the sake of their kingdom. Epponnie and her little sister Olivia are longtime friends of the Princesses, and although Epponnie doesn’t show it, she is saddened at their marriages. As Epponnie, you have to try to find a way to stop the Princess you love from getting married… but how? 

The main part of this game is a daily task management where you can choose different tasks to perform at various times of the day to raise, or reduce, stats like strength, knowledge, and stress. In order to get any particular ending, you have to throw all of your time at one Princess. Strength for Martha, Knowledge for Tatiyana, or visiting Olivia. 

                                                      Source: Screen Capture in Game

I like both Princesses. Tatiyana is more reserved, and I suppose that would make Martha the “fun” sister. Tatiyana is more my style though. The artwork is lovely, and gives the game a sort of antique feel for me. The music is also very nice. Overall the game was predictable, but not unenjoyable. 

The game did have quite a few grammar errors, so I was able to help correct the script a bit for the developers, so I hope this helps the game flow a little better. There is also a special ending you can get once you complete the game once on any route, which is a sort of spoofy ending, and made me chuckle. 

You can play this game free from by clicking *here*. I hope you can enjoy it also.
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