Sunday, February 19, 2017

Treat Series (PC)

Hello, Friends! Today we are actually going to look at three games that exist as part of an ongoing series. The series is created by Nami, who also created the Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet game I played a couple weeks ago. These games are just as cute and explore the friendship of Treat, Mochi and Moxie. Without further ado, we can take a look at the games. 

1. Lonely Wolf Treat

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You play as Treat, a humanoid wolf, who is outcast by the nearby bunny village, due to fears that the wolf would eat them. Treat expresses no interest in trying to eat any of them, and is taking shelter in a nearby empty house that lies just outside the village. One day, a resident of the bunny village barges into the abandoned house where Treat is hiding out. The bunny girl is named Mochi. Turns out that she has been chased by a fox, and needs Treat to chase it away so she can get home. Treat agrees, and a friendship begins, despite the previous held prejudices by her fellow village mates.

Mochi wants to make Treat a meal as a thank you, but because bunnies don't eat meat, there is none in the village. The foxes have a lair outside of the village also, across the train tracks. They would probably have meat, right? So Mochi and Treat head to find out. They run into the same fox that had chases Mochi! Turns out, her name is Moxie. Will Moxie help Mochi and Treat?

The first installment of the game is short, and sweet. The music is pleasing, and the art work is downright adorable. I always liked humanoid animals too, so it was a plus. You can download the first installment from for free *here*.

2. Friendly Bunny Mochi

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We pick up from little Mochi’s POV, that's point of view, in this sequel game. Mochi’s cousin Juju is still upset with Mochi for befriending foxes and Treat, the wolf. Mochi decides to take a trip to the hot springs and runs into Moxie, the Fox. Moxie says she is going to eat Mochi! But Mochi doesn’t believe her. She takes Moxie to the Springs with her, and then back to her house. Mochi says that she’ll find something more delicious for Moxie to eat than rabbits, that way they can still be friends and keep the peace… but will it work?

In the second installment, you can expect the same adorable character images and the same serene music. The game still holds to its theme of friendship and accepting others for who they are.  You can download the second installment from the page *here*.

3. Clever Fox Moxie

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In the 3rd installment of the Lonely Wolf Treat series, we follow the clever fox Moxie and her quest to pay off the debt she owes her mother for their home, the Fox Den. Following a scene where some cats weren’t able to pass through Frosting(the rabbit town), since it was closed off after the last game, Moxie gets an idea. The Fox Den has empty rooms, and these cat girls need a place to stay… so let’s run a hotel! Not only that, a murder mystery hotel! You need to have entertainment, right? What could go wrong? Murder Mystery--I would totally stay there! I love the murder mystery theme.

After months of doing the murder mystery shows, Moxie’s friends decide to quit and go home to their hometown of Ginseng. Moxie is now all alone… But she won’t let that stop her! If her friends want to leave, then she will just get an ALL NEW cast to work with! She’ll be bigger than ever! … The only problem is, she can’t seem to find any actors to join her. What can she do now…?

To find out, you can download the third installment of this series from the page *here*.

To Be Continued…?

I really enjoy the sweet and innocent nature of these games. The themes of friendship and acceptance, the cute, child-like sprites, and the sweet naïve nature of Mochi make for such sweet games.

The 4th installment has not been released yet, so for now we are left to wonder: Will Moxie find her calling and be happy? Will Frosting ever take down their walls and let others in again? Are Treat and Mochi an item or not!? I don’t know, but I can’t wait to find out!

Be sure to give Nami your words of encouragement and helpful advice! 

Happy Gaming, Friends!



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