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Maggie's Grinning Soul (PC)

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Maggie’s Grinning Soul is a point and click mystery game created is a collaborative effort by 8 students from the CNAM-ENJMIN and Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle. You play as Yolanda, a psychic detective who is tasked with investigating the unexplained death of a teenage girl named Maggie. You go to Maggie’s room in search of clues, and an object that will have a strong enough connection to commune with Maggie through a Ouija Board.

Once you find the correct object, you can talk with Maggie using yes and no questions. After you find the first object and establish a connection, you investigate other objects in the room to unlock more questions to ask. Be careful of the questions you ask, though. You may upset her spirit, and if you do that, it’s game over. The questioning works like a game of hangman, so you have a fair number of chances to make a mistake. I made a fair share, I assure you. If you die, you start over from the beginning of Maggie’s room. However, it doesn't seem that the order of the objects or questions change so it becomes more of a trial and error process. 

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I enjoyed the art style of the game, and I really liked Maggie’s room. It looks like what I would expect a teenager’s room to look like—for the most part. The art is detailed, and the color scheme is somewhat muted, which I also liked. The only character you really see drawn is your detective superior that gave you the job, so I kind of wish there had been more, perhaps the spirit or even Yolanda herself.

The sound effects are nice, and the music is intense and powerful. The game is fully voice acted which was a nice touch as well, and the VAs did a good job. The very beginning of the game starts like an episode of Law and Order, and made me laugh even. “The is one of their stories….” I almost expected the Law and Order sound effect to play.

The controls are nice, I didn’t have any trouble, although it did take me some time to figure out what I needed to do since I didn’t read the tutorial. I also didn’t realize that there was more to the room than the first screen, since you have to move your mouse all the way to the edge of the screen for the cursor to become the pointing hand of movement, and the hand seems so tiny that I didn’t see it at first.

I do not want to spoil the ending, but I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t what I expected. After the credits, you can hear your superior calling you about another case, which hopefully means there will be a sequel! If that is the case, I certainly look forward to it.

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Considering that 8 students made this game, it is well polished and a good quality of game. The story is solid, the art is nice, the voice acting is well done, and I didn’t run into any weird bugs or glitches when I played through. Overall a very solid and well made little game. You can try the game for yourself by downloading it from *here*. The game is free so why not?

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