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Happy Valentine's Day! Let's Talk Romance~

Happy Valentines Day, Friends! Today, in honor of the holiday of celebrating love, we are going to look at some of my favorite Otome and Eroge games! Some of these games are 18+ but I’ll keep it PG-13 just in case some tiny eyes come looking (I have an 8 year old daughter so I get it). Some of these games are also still in development—but they fit the theme so I am sharing them anyhow because they look amazing. So, without further delay, here are some Otome and/or Eroge games that I either have enjoyed, or think look amazing.

1. Quest Failed: Chapter One

Source: Itch.io Page

Quest Failed is an adult dating sim, visual novel style game created by FrostWorks, with the help of others with the music, background art, and so forth. This game is in the 18+ category, for nudity and explicit sex. You play as a young man named Matthew who has dreamed of becoming an adventurer for as long as he can remember. He will finally get to prove himself! So, he picks up a quest at the local guild and heads out to do great things! However, as he encounters his first monster, he realizes that this may prove more of a challenge than he first thought…

In Chapter One, there are five different monster girls to encounter, each with a unique personality. Jilly is sweet and innocent (with a gooey center), but has a temper and is rather possessive. Nefertari is easy going and relaxed—in fact, she’s so relaxed she might just fall asleep wherever she is. Ruby is full of fire, and would be a dominatrix in the real world, I’m sure. Lucille is a real snake in the grass, but is probably my favorite of this group. Finally, there is a mysterious girl who you encounter—a real doll if you ask me. Okay enough of my silly allusions to the kind of monster girls that you’ll see.

Quest Failed has fully voiced h-scenes (those are the sexy bits), which was interesting. It was the first game I really played of this nature. I mean, I had played the Seduce Me series, but the naughty bits were text based without the explicit images like Quest Failed offered. The girls are attractive, and the art style is attractive. I wasn’t too impressed with the music, but that’s more of a personal preference. Overall, I enjoyed the game. The choices you make only really effect the h-scenes(types of sex), and the game is rather straightforward.

This game is enjoyable if you like women taking charge (fem dom), monster girls, or eroge in general. The game is on Itch.io for $12 (a fair amount for the content if you ask me) and it can be bought *here*. If you enjoy the game, FrostWorks is currently working on Chapter 2 (Yay!) and you can see sneak peeks and updates, or pledge on their Patreon page *here*.

2. Monster Girl Island

Monster Girl Island is an eroge game in development by Redamz. This game is a little different than what you typically see in these kinds of games because it’s 3D! You actually walk/run around, complete small quests and then of course see what trouble you can get into with the local monster girls. This game is in development still, so there is only the demo available to play for the time being, however it looks interesting. In the demo you meet 3 of the characters, and get a lewd scene as well.

The graphics look nice, and the girls are really cute. Each has a unique look, although you don’t really spend too much time with any of them so I can’t say much else about them yet. The animation looks smooth and the environments are nicely done—although I did have some issues in the game trying to go where I wasn’t supposed to and got stuck in a rock for a while…

During the h-scene you get in the demo, there are many options that give you control over how the scene plays out, which was interesting to me. Variety is always nice, yeah? I played through twice, just to try the other options. This project looks promising, and if you pledge on the creators Patreon *here*, even just a dollar, you get to help vote for the next monster girl to be introduced. You can download the demo on Itch.io *here*.

3. Seduce Me

Source: Itch.io Page

Now I know I covered this game before, but I’m bringing it back, cause it’s Valentine’s Day, and it’s still one of my favorites.

Seduce Me is a dating sim, visual novel created by MichaelaLaws that follow a high school girl who inherits a mansion from her Grandfather, Harold Anderson. Her grandfather was the CEO to Anderson Toys, so the fate of the company is also in limbo. The MC decides to move into the mansion that her grandfather left her, and she arrives there to find 5 wounded guys inside. She soon finds out that these 5 guys are all Incubi, and princes at that. A group of misfits has attacked them, and they sought shelter in the mansion. In sympathy, the MC offers to let them stay in the manor until they are healed up. The mansion is large after all, and she could use some help with the upkeep.

The five boys are Incubi. And Incubus is a demon that consumes and uses the sexual energy of humans to survive. None of them want to force the MC into anything, but throughout the game, the MC might feel herself growing closer to one of them. The choices you make throughout the game with determine which of the five brothers you grow close to. I really liked all the boys, but I think James would be my favorite.

The artwork of the game is great, and the colors are beautiful and fitting. All the boys are drawn attractively, but are unique in their own ways. Their personalities also set them apart from one another. Even though their personalities are the typical tropes you see in a lot of otome type games, the game is still very enjoyable. The music isn’t bad, and the voice acting is very well done.

You can find Seduce me on Steam *here* or on Itch.io *here*. The first in the series is free on both platforms, but the second game in the series, which is even better than the first, is 9.99, also on Itch.io or Steam.

4. Seiyuu Danshi

Source: Itch.io Page

Seiyuu Danshi is an 18+/BL-Yaoi visual novel game in development by Meyaoi Games. In Seiyuu, you play as Haato(or whatever you want to name him). You’re lazy and would rather spend your time watching Magical Ponpon than doing anything productive—like work. The problem is… you’re broke! Also, your rent is due and you’re about to be evicted. So, you have to return to work, with the help of your stern new director, Shibusawa Toshiyuki—or Tocchan as Haato likes to call him.

The demo is short and gives just a brief view of what the game looks like and how it will operate. The game has a lot that the developers are hoping to implement. The game is planned to be highly interactive, without the usual restrictions given by some dating sims. If you don’t want to work, slack off. Don’t want a boyfriend? Stay single. Just remember that every action has a reaction, and accept the consequences of them.

Other features planned include: a foreplay mode before sex, reversible roles (seme/uke or top/bottom), dress up(The developers state that there will be 500+ kinds of clothes in all styles, and also underwear choices), Room decoration, NPCs to chat with if you’re bored, and a town with plenty to do—a mall, cafĂ©, book store, cinema, park, and more.  

Something that I like about this game’s plan is that as the developer states: “Unlike other dating sims, in which the game ends after the main character gets a lover, in this game you can still play even after you get a lover! Not only experiencing the intimate moments, you also get to argue and fight like actual couple!” Because it’s not all sunshine and daisies, right?

If you’re interested, you can try the demo by downloading from Itch.io *here*. The game can currently be pre-ordered for the price of 24.99. I already pre-ordered e_e;; It’s slated for release in December of this year, as there is still much work to be done to ensure the game comes out as promised.

Here are the honorable mentions and links for the games that didn’t quite make it into the main entry:

As always, thanks for coming. It means a lot that so many people come here to read my inane ramblings about games. Hope to see you next time!

Happy Gaming, Friends!



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