Sunday, January 1, 2017

Fingered for the PC

“Unless you are good at guessing,
It is not much use being a detective.”
--Agatha Christie

Source: Softonic

I hope the quote covered it, but just in case let me say that, given the kinds of games I am known to play, this game is NOT what it sounds like! At least, not like it sounds like to you perverts. I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Fingered is a casual indie game created by developers Edmund McMillen and James Id. In Fingered, you are a detective and, with the help of some eyewitnesses, it is your job to doom the guilty individual to the electric chair. This is a matter of life and death, so choose wisely….

Each eyewitness will give you 4 hints. Some hints are more reliable than others, and some witnesses have important quirks that will determine how useful their hints are, so it’s important to be able to discern those things. Some of the clues given are also subjective. Such as “I’m positive that they were tall.” Or, “He was cute!” Alright, tall compared to whom? Would I think he is cute? Even with the clues, the answer can require a bit of guessing, like any detective. If you murder an innocent man, you get one pass. Murder a second one and its game over, and you return to the beginning of the game. Even if you start over, the hints and suspects will change, so you can’t just pick your way through it easily.
Source: Gamesena

I really enjoyed the idea of this game. I have always enjoyed the “whodunit” variety of games like Clue, Guess Who, Murder Mystery Theatre, etc. The art style is interesting. I neither love it, or dislike it. It can be hard to discern some features of each suspect. It’s also important to note that some items that suspects may be holding are indicative of the hints that were given. Such as a subject holding a book connecting to a suspect being considered “smart.” I was surprised, however, the first time I sent a suspect to the electric chair, since you also have to be the one to pull the handle that activates the chair. Having to do that made my anxiety flare up a little bit! I mean, it’s not super realistic or anything but the thought of doing such a thing.

As much as I enjoy this game, it is definitely frustrating at times. At my best, I made it through 16 rounds before I had reached my limit for killing innocent people. I haven’t made it that far since! This game definitely provides a challenge, but not without losing what makes the game fun. Also, I’m not 100% sure, but it seems like there may be some cameo appearances. One of the suspects I saw looked like Super Meat Boy with a beefy muscular body. I also saw a suspect with a face that looked an awful lot like Isaac from The Binding of Isaac. It may have just been my over active imagination, but I thought it was kind of neat.

Sources: Isaac(?) and Meat Boy(?)

One other thing that is really neat, is that on the opening screen of the game, there is a computer. If you click on the computer, then type your name in the empty space and click “Go”, the computer will bring up a suspect with your name and a short profile. I thought it was amusing to look up all of my friends to see what they were guilty of and how they were punished. I got the name Agitated Ashley. Apparently, I shot my mother and got sentenced to two hours of home arrest. You can even print the profile to keep for yourself!

The music is also nice, although listening to the same song for as long as I played the game got boring and I ended up putting on my own music instead. The game music isn’t bad, it just got repetitive and dull. It sounds like the music from an old detective movie—very “snappy”.

Overall I think the game is a great game to sink some time into. Since the hints and suspects change all the time, the replayability of this game is pretty high. For only $1.87 on Steam, this game is definitely worth it’s price. You can purchase the game on Steam *here*. Download it, and have fun cleaning up the filthy streets of your town!

Happy Gaming, Friends!

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