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SUPER HOMO!!! Magical Girlfriends! (PC)

“All women are lesbians, except those who don’t know it…” -Jill Johnston

Source: Screen Capture from Game

SUPER HOMO!!! Magical Girlfriends is a cute visual novel styles simulation and time management game created by lunicole. You play as Pumpkin, one half of the crime fighting witch duo that is Pumpkin Spice. Your nemesis Candy Cane, has just been defeated by you, but he swears he will be back in 15 days, more ready than ever to finally get the upper hand and win.

It is your job as the player to help Pumpkin manage her daily tasks to make sure that she is sufficiently ready when Candy Cane returns. Using a planner, you decide what Pumpkin does in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Each choice affects a stat for Pumpkin: Intelligence, Magic, and Strength. Raise intelligence by attending class, studying, or calling Spice. Raise your magic by attending work, meditating, or baking. Raise your strength by skateboarding at any time.

I liked the idea of this kind of time management. You see it in some other VNs that I have played, and it’s used in the Persona games also. However, the use of it in SH!MG seems somewhat less intuitive. It was easy to figure out which skills I needed to raise and how to do it, I was maxed long before day 15. Skateboarding is the only way to raise strength. I wish there had been other options for activities. The dialogue for each activity is also repetitive. Every time I go to work(except one when Spice was there), she repeats the same dialogue, “I work here to pay for school.” I get it, saying it once was enough. Variety would really make a difference here.

Source: Screen Capture from Game

The music was nice. I like both of the main songs used separately, but so little time is spent in each place that the songs end up cutting back and forth frequently and it give the music a choppy quality.

I really like the character design of this game—both Pumpkin and Spice are unique in appearance, as is Candy Cane. I would have like more background on the characters, though. My connection to them felt very superficial because I didn’t know much about them. It’s a short game so I know that I can’t ask for much, but I know next to nothing about either of the characters except that they are witches, and Spice is really smart.   

The backgrounds are alright. They appear like pictures that were taken and then altered through a filter to make it appear more artsy. I’m not opposed to these types of backgrounds, but in some cases the character sprites and the background proportions don’t seem quite right. For example, like the picture below, the bed looks entirely too large compared to Pumpkin.

Source: Screen Capture from Game

Overall, this game, while enjoyable, feels incomplete to me. I feel like this game could be so much more, with some touch ups. As it is, the game is still enjoyable, if a little monotonous due to the repetitive dialogue during activities. The game is short(I completed in about half an hour), but I did enjoy the game. You can find the game on, and it is free to download and play *here*.

If you play, be sure to leave a comment on the page for the developer, and let me know what you thought too!

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