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Demos to Keep an Eye On #2

Hello Friends! Welcome to another group of game demos worth playing, and possibly keeping an eye out for the full versions of them. Let’s get right to the games!

1. I Suddenly Became A Magical Girl To Fight Aliens From Another Dimension DEMO (Shelved)

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This game is a quirky visual novel game created by Mado, about a girl named Kagami who dreams of being a Magical Girl! If you don’t know what a Magical Girl is, think of Sailor Moon(because almost everyone knows Sailor Moon), and THAT is a Magical Girl. Suddenly, one day, Aliens attack Kagami’s home city! While the Aliens are razing the city, Kagami is visited by a very unenthusiastic magiclander by the name of Nya-Nya. Nya-Nya bestows upon her a magical compact, and Kagami gains the ability to become the Magical Girl she has always dreamed of! Now it’s up to her to stop the Aliens and save the city!

The art in this game is insanely cute. Both Kagami and Yoshiko are downright adorable, and the colors are poppy and bright. The music is also nice, and makes me think of a Magical Girl anime. The dialogue is funny, and almost seems mocking of itself and the Magical Girl genre at times. Overall I enjoyed the demo, but was saddened to hear that the developer has currently shelved the project to work on others. I hope that they are able to return and complete this game as I found the demo quite interesting and would be interesting in playing a full version. You can find the demo on to play for free *here*.

2. Paws and Effect (In development)

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Do you sometimes wish your pets were human? In Paws and Effect we play as a 23 year old woman and find out just what happens when her two dogs(Pomeranians) suddenly turn human. At first, the MC thinks she is just dreaming, but after some special “girl scout” cookies to calm down, Peaches and Pecan are still human. The MC must take it upon herself to now teach her dogs how to be human, but they won’t make it easy for her. Even learning to use a straw is a struggle.

I really enjoyed the demo of this game. The dialogue was funny, and the dogs/humans acted similar to how I think my dogs would act as humans—always worried about food, whether I am mad at them, and frequent “I love you!”s. The fact that Peaches is an attractive human causes quite a dilemma for the MC, and I couldn’t help but find her dire situation hilarious. The music for the game sounds kind of arcade-y and I like that.

Erotome is still developing this game along with some others, and if you would like to download the demo and try it for yourself, you can find it for free on *here*. The demo seems very short, but it does what a demo should—it left me wanting to play more. I can’t wait for the full release.

3. Eye Candy (In development)

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Eye Candy is a game currently in development by Dream Syrup, about a young girl searching for her sister, but gets involved in a rather nefarious… game? She encounters some creatures who want to play games with her… or eat her. Perhaps both. The demo is very short since the developer has some hurdles to work through, but recently updated that the game is about 40% complete as of 1/2/17.

The art style of the game is cute, and the story is mysterious and engaging. I was a bit let down by the shortness of the demo because there were so many unanswered questions—but the goal of a demo is to pique your interest, and it certainly did just that.  There was also a train conductor named Conclucktor, which made me laugh out loud. I love things like that. If you want to take a peek at the demo yourself, you can download and play for free from *here*.

4. Konbini Life Demo (In Development)

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Konbini Life is a visual novel styled game created by 2Birds. You play as Natsu, a girl who, after flunking out of University, is working the night shift at the local convenience store—MegaKonbiniMart. Through the demo you have to survive the night shift, and deal with some interesting characters. I’ve worked the night shift loads of time—I know that’s when the creeps come out!

The art for this game is phenomenal. The art is what initially drew me to the game to begin with. I enjoyed the diverse cast of characters, and the dialogue felt genuine and real. By that I mean it sounded like how real people would likely speak. There isn’t any music, but this is a demo so I didn’t mind so much. I really enjoyed this demo and I look forward to seeing the full release! You can download and try the demo for yourself free from *here*.

Thanks for stopping in! As always, be sure to check out the demos, and leave words of encouragement, or constructive criticism to help the developers with their games! Even if the game is no longer in development, it may help them in the future. Many developers really value your comments.

Happy Gaming, Friends!


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