Thursday, May 18, 2017

Outside of Our Own (PC)

Outside of Our Own in an atmospheric walking simulator created by Kimberly Pena, where you get to walk about and enjoy the scenery in 3 different settings. You start in a forest, and by entering a dark foreboding foggy area you find yourself in a city at night, with some rather ominous music playing. When I got to the nighttime city, I thought the game became a horror game. If you find the fog once again, you’ll be transported to that same city during the daytime where everything is sunshine and lilacs.

The game was alright, for a walking simulator. The music was nice, and the graphics were decent. In the first area, there are buildings that appear to float on water. I don’t know it that was a deliberate aesthetic choice, or an error, but it bothered me a little. Also, the majority of the game ran fine but in the beginning forest area my frame rate dropped sometimes to as low as 5 fps, which made the game very jerky and hard to control.

I have played other walking simulators and enjoyed them, and I feel like this one would be better with some refinement, and even a little bit of story. Reliving some old memories, or something even. Wandering into strange foggy areas and ending up in another area is bizarre without context. That is not to say it is bad, it's not! ( EDIT: It seems there was an update to this game on 3/15/17, so some things may have changed. I haven't been able to play the updated version so that's up to you! :) ) If you’d like to try it for yourself, please download this game from for free *here*.

Also, I’m not talking or anything because I wasn’t doing a let’s play, but you can see the you can watch the majority of the game play here on my Youtube Channel:

Thanks for sharing some time with me, and happy gaming!



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