Thursday, December 22, 2016

Free Games #1

During the Holidays a lot of people don't have the extra money to spend on games, as much as we all would really like to. It's a good thing that has a wide array of free games to help cure that boredom, without hurting your holiday budget. So here are some free games on that you can try out. If you play any of them, let me know what you thought!

1. Put a Sock in It

Put a Sock in It is a quirky game written by Leonid Pilchin and released by Far-off Daydream Games. Put a Sock in It is about a girl named Serena who is trapped in a stairwell, awaiting help. But as the time drags on, Serena is quickly running out of things to do to keep herself from spiraling into madness. Luckily, Serena has two colored socks and a big imagination. Using the socks as our characters, we create a “choose your own adventure” style game that’s full of laughs and life lessons. Each of the socks has 2 different characters. The red sock can be a princess or a ghost, and the blue sock can be a wizard or a stable boy. Each combination of the 2 makes for 90 different short stories, and 30 life lessons to learn through them. The life lessons range from the soul crushing effects of debt, to lessons of loving someone for who they are. I haven’t gotten all the life lessons yet, but I have enjoyed this game for the time I have played and plan to play more. You can find the download for this charming game on *here*.

2. Stuck@Home


 Stuck at home is a short visual novel style game by Lynnaira, that explores the isolation and disconnected feelings of depression. In Stuck@Home you play as yourself. You’ve just graduated from high school, and you’re been sort of depressed thinking about your fears and college. You haven’t left the house in quite some time, despite your friends trying to lure you. The game has a good ending and a bad ending (obviously, you either leave the house with your friends or you don’t). Despite it being short, the game emphasizes the importance of reaching out and finding someone to talk to when you feel those feelings. The artwork is cute, and the piano music is pleasing to listen to as well. You can find the game to download on *here*.

A Thing About Nothingness

A Thing About Nothingness is a simple adventure game created by Pierrec and Sy, exploring the more philosophical side of life. You play as Eugene, who is searching for the meaning of true Cynicynism in the world. He has only his sheet and his barrel to his name. His… master(?) give him a rock and tells him to go forth and find the meaning, then return to be welcome as a true Cynicynist. There are a few different endings and maybe some lessons to learn along the way. Eugene moves by rolling in his barrel, accompanied by a surprising harmonica melody. As he rolls, he will encounter different people will need help. He can choose to help them, or not, and that will pave the way to his understanding on Cynicynism. Each path is only a few minutes long, so it’s a quick play, but I found it enjoyable none the less. You can find the download for free on *here*.

Things You Can Put on Gunter’s Head


This game is about putting things on a bird’s head. Yeah, you heard me right. Things You Can Put on Gunter’s Head is a stacking strategy game made by thornytree using Unity. Besides seeing how tall you can stack items on Gunter’s head, if you place an item on his head, and press the camera button, you get a cute picture of the object actually on this adorable bird’s head! I would play this game for the adorable bird pictures alone--he wears a tiny graduation cap for pete’s sake! I really like birds though. Outside of that, the game is just stacking items, which is very hard to do. I don’t think I was able to stack more than 4 items on his head, even using the flatter items. But I was never good at stacking games. It was worthwhile, however, to follow the creators tumblr *here* just to see more pictures of their adorable birds! You can also find a link to download the game on *here*.

That’s all for today. As always I hope you will give these games a go, and give encouragement or constructive criticism to help them develop and grow. All of these games are free, so you don’t lose anything by trying them out.

Happy Gaming, Friends!

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