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Ciiko's Bridge (PC)

"I believe there is another world out there, a better word, and I'll be waiting for you there." 

Source: Screen Capture from Game

Ciiko’s Bridge is a visual novel, adventure rpg created by Skyharborr. You may remember Skyharborr from one of my demo blogs (this one *here*) where I talked about a demo for their new game “A Fox in the Hollyhocks”—which I loved. Ciiko’s Bridge is a story about an adventurous boy named Taku, and his protective older brother, Jinsuke.

On this day, Taku is preparing to go on another adventure into the forest to see what he can find. Before we go adventuring though, we need to eat some breakfast! Jinsuke sends Taku off to Kamiya general store to get some milk. Taku sets off and gets to the store. Once there, he talks with Shinji a bit. Shinji tells Taku that old man Eden is coming by and telling his famous stories today. Excited to hear old man Eden’s story, Taku takes the milk and hurries home. Sadly, it seems Taku missed his story, but Jinsuke fills Taku in:

When the fog is thick, if you take 2 and a half silver coins, hold them tightly in your hand and walk under the bridge, you’ll be transported to another dimension.

Taku is fascinated by this story, and he can’t wait to try it himself! The next day when the fog rolls in, Taku sees his chance. Jinsuke firmly protests, but after arguing, pleading and crying, Jinsuke relents, telling him to be careful. Taku agrees and off he goes to the bridge. Holding the 2 and a half silver coins in his hand, Taku prepares himself, then walks under the bridge through the fog…

Source: Screen Capture from Game

Once Taku passes under the bridge he finds himself in an unknown place. This new place is a stunning forest. As Taku tries to gain his bearings in this unknown place, he is greeted by a figure that greatly resembles Shinji. The figure tells Taku that he is the Passagekeeper, and explains a little bit about how the multiverse works. Such as, you can only travel to a world where “you” do not already exist. So Taku was able to come to this world, the forest of Caligo, because no other Taku exists here.  Caligo is also ruled by the Forest Lord.

 Taku also learns that to return home he will need another 2 and a half silver coins, since the coins are taken as fare. Silver does not appear common in Caligo, however, so Taku will have to try to work for it. So, Taku travels into the forest to find some of the locals to see what he can do to earn some money.

There are five others to meet in Caligo Forest. Prince Ratsu, who is a faun, Tanukawa, the racoon dog, Riku and Hare, the conjoined pair, and the Forest Lord. Using a bartering system, you’ll have to find ways to make everyone happy so that they will pay you.

Source: Page

I really appreciated the bartering system. I love a good bartering system, and Ciikos does a good job, for the most part. You CAN barter yourself into a corner, and only a certain number of items will provide the needed reactions from Ratsu. I created different saves to help protect myself, and it look me about 3 tries to get the combinations and reactions down.

The artwork in this game is super adorable, skyharborr is quite a talented artist. The music and sound effects are also fitting and well done. The colors are soft, but vibrant, and the characters are unique and interesting.

Overall, I greatly enjoyed this game, despite the trouble I had a few times with the bartering system. There are a total of 5 endings, I believe, and I got two of them. Both of the endings I received were sweet and very heartwarming, so a heartwarming ending to a cute little game. The game is a bit longer, it took me about 45 minutes to an hour to complete the game the first time. If you would like to give this game a try for yourself, please download the game from its page *here*.

As always, be sure to leave your words of encouragement or helpful criticism for the creator as well, to help them improve future creations.

Happy Gaming, Friends!

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