Thursday, March 30, 2017

Browser Games #4

Hello, Friends! Today I have found 4 more games that you can play right in your browser! That's right--no downloads, no wait. Play away, right away! I hope you find some games that you enjoy here. Let me know what you thought in the comments down below!

1. Loop Hell

Source: Screen Capture from Game

Loop Hell is a puzzle game created by axoona. Can you solve the puzzle and, maybe, get yourself out of this horrible looping nightmare? I found this game interesting, others may find it a bit annoying. I say annoying because the “solution” is not so straightforward. You must take into account the correct order for the items, and also the correct order for the sections to be inserted into the correct spots.

While the item order has clues for the correct order, the order for the sections to be inserted does not… at least, not until after you complete the circle once. ;) I won’t give it away, but you can of course go to the page and try it for yourself *here*.

2. Good Impression

Source: Screen Capture from Game

Good Impression is a little action game created by Ellian, where we all feel the familiar panic of having to clean our house before our mother or other family members arrive at our home. With only 3 minutes, you have to clean your house the best you can and hope your mother isn’t snoopy. Oh, of course she is.

I couldn’t get higher than a C grade on this game, and I kept playing to over and over trying to do better. I don’t know where the tissues go! My trash can would get full of other trash and I have no room. Despite that, though, the game is still fun. The graphics are attractive and the controls are pretty smooth. The game can soft crash sometimes if you try to wipe the floor while still moving and happen to slide too far past it. But you can simple press esc to restart.

Over all I thought this game was well made. The sound effect are well done also, and the music gets more intense as the time gets closer and closer to zero, really adding to the panic. I definitely recommend trying the game for yourself. You can play right on the page *here*. Let me know if you get a higher score than 75.

3. I Need More Room, Meow

Source: Screen Capture from Game

I Need More Room, Meow is a cute point and click game created by Oleg Grachev. You play as a restless cat whose reckless abandon saves the day! This game isn’t complicated, just click on the objects in the room to see the consequences and try to find a way out.

I like the appearance of the game, where you don’t actually see a cat, but rather the damage it leaves in its wake—usually paw prints and claw marks. For a simple game, I really enjoyed its cute approach. You can see the game for yourself right on the game’s page *here*.

4. Poor Doggie

Source: Screen Capture from Game

Poor Doggie is a visual novel style game created by MartinNerurkar, Gisela Wolf, SadMonk, D_Sostre, and mbuntz. In Poor Doggie you play as a cute little dog—a Shiba Inu it looks like(one of my favorite dog breeds). You are received as a christmas gift for a young girl named Sam. Life is happy for a cute young puppy! We’ll be together forever right…?

This game was very emotional for me. It made me think of those ads that say, “A dog is for life, not for a holiday!” Warning, this game deals with some animal abuse, and gets so sad. However, I did enjoy the game, and the message it provided about how these animals gets treated and what can happen to them. If you want to try it for yourself, you can for it on *here*.

As always, be sure to leave your comments of encouragement and helpful criticism on the creator’s page. This helps the creators to continue to develop and improve their skills and content.

Happy Gaming, Friends!

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