Thursday, April 27, 2017

Free Games #10

Well hello, friends! It’s once again that time~ Today we are going to dig deep and find some more free games from and/or Steam to play. Let’s see what we can find!

1.Who is Mike

Source: Steam Page

Who is Mike is a horror/mystery visual novel game created by the team at FERVENT. You are Mike Jansen… at least, you think you are. It all seems a little fuzzy, doesn’t it? Here you are in what you believe is your living room, but before you is another Mike Jansen who looks exactly like you, calling you a fake. You can’t be the fake, HE is the fake. When your girlfriend, a cop, comes down to see what the commotion is, things get more complicated. 

The idea of this game is that you can’t be sure of anything. Not matter what, the truth is not a certainty to you. There are supposed to be 9 endings to this game. I have played through and gotten 3 different endings, all of which involved me dying a horrible death. So I don’t know if there is a happy ending or not. There are also a lot of unanswered questions. Perhaps one of the other endings holds answers, or maybe it’s meant to stay a mystery. 

In any case, I found the game suspenseful and well done. Both the graphics and music aid well to the over all feeling of the game. You don’t have to take my word for it though. You can download the game for free from *here* or free on steam *here*. And be sure to let me know if you get any different endings ;)

2. Hot Date

Source: Page

Hot Date is a wonderful dating simulator where you get to date… Pugs! Yes, adorable Pug dogs--one of the cutest dogs ever, if I do say so myself. Hot date was created by George Batchelor, with music by Levi Pack. The game works like a speed dating session where you get a limited amount of time with each Pug to make them like you enough to want to go out with you again. It can be surprisingly challenging, although extremely entertaining. You can create a plethora of different questions to ask, and some of the answers that the Pugs give made me laugh. 

The Pug are super cute, although pink, and the music is relaxing to listen to. I haven’t reached an end, I believe it may just be an endless stream of dating. All of the Pugs wanted to see me again though, so at least I have that going for me! I would have loved to see other dog breeds in the game as well. A Chihuahua would have had me sold! In any case, this game is free to download and play on *here*. Find out just how much of a charmer you really are.

3. The Polaroid

The Polaroid is an interesting puzzle game created by the team at Dissonance Entertainment: Christopher Ng, Conrad Fay, Michael Lee, Kenneth Ng and Spencer Lee. You start off in a room with no door, and no way out. We have nothing but a Polaroid camera and a photograph. The objective is to create a picture in a picture, using your camera and the Polaroid photo. Pressing 1 will hold up the Polaroid, then press 2 to hold up the camera. You must line up the Polaroid with the scene before you to create the picture in picture. 

As you complete each photo, more items will appear in the room to complete others. Once you complete them all, the door appears and you are able to leave. I thought the concept of the game was very interesting, however there were some physics bugs that bothered me, and I feel it was lacking an overall story. If you’d like to try the experience for yourself, you and download and try the game for free *here*.

4. Fare Thee Well

 Source: Page

Fare The Well is a romance visual novel created by Watercress Studios. You play as a wayfarer, who travels from town to town endlessly. One night he decides to rest the night in Cedar, Maine. He finds the local bar and has a drink while he rests. After some time, a young woman enters to sing. As the wayfarer listens, he is enchanted with her. He spends some times talking with her, but he knows that he cannot stay, despite the powerful pull he feels towards her. Agonizingly, he leaves he when she falls asleep against him.

This game is very Tuck Everlasting. For anyone who hasn’t read that book, I won’t tell you about it, because it would spoil it. If you have read the book, know that this game/kinetic novel is essentially the same kind of story. I feel that I would have enjoyed the game much more if I hadn’t read the book 50 times as a kid. 

The visuals are very attractive, and the music is fitting as well. I also enjoyed the ending of the game. You can try the game for yourself, for free, by downloading the game for its page *here*.

As always, please leave some words of encouragement, or helpful criticism for the creators to help them improve their skills and content.

Happy Gaming, Friends!



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