Sunday, April 23, 2017

Demos to Keep an Eye on #5

Hello, Friends! Welcome to another collection of Demos that look to be promising full games in the future. I really enjoy doing these~ So without further ado...
1. We All End Up Alone (In development)

We All End Up Alone is an emotional roller coaster, psychological narrative game created by the Nice Penguins team in Metz France. You play as a character who has just been diagnosed with cancer. You will fight battles every day, and you will have to manage your life to live the best as possible, in hopes of surviving. The goal is to keep your stress low, and your morale high. At night you deal with nightmare sequences where you must fight your fears, and the disease. 

This demo was powerful. I actually didn’t know it was a demo when I started playing, and I was so enthralled in the game that when the screen popped up with, “Thanks for playing our demo!” I almost screamed. I didn’t want the experience to end. The game is still in development, so I am hoping to see a full release soon so I can play more. 

The graphics are nice, the music is wonderful, and the story is powerful, and one that so many can relate to—either having had some form of cancer or having someone close to them who has. I highly recommend playing at least the demo for yourself. You can download it for free from *here*.

2. The Lost Clue (In  development)

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The Lost Clue is a cute platformer puzzle game in development by KormikGames. This game is a cross between those “get to the door” genre of games and the android puzzle games like “100 doors.” 

You play as Dopi, and he has found himself in these strange rooms after awaking from sleep. The demo only holds 8 rooms, but even so I enjoyed it. I enjoy these sorts of puzzle games, though.
I feel like the animations could be better, smoother maybe. Dopi himself is kind of cute, like he walked right out of a sketchbook. Everything, really, looks like it is out of a sketch book. The game seems to be all grey-scale with no color. The music is very intriguing, and kind of gives the game an eerie feeling. 

The puzzles weren’t overly difficult, you sometimes have to think outside of the box, which is good for you. It’s been a while with no updates on any of the development pages so I am not sure if the game is still in the works. I haven’t heard back from the developers yet.  In any case, you can try the demo for yourself for free by downloading from *here*.

3. Calvin (On Hold)

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Calvin is a point and click puzzle adventure game created by LeCroissantCyclope. The first thing I loved right away about this demo is that the voices are in French. You may not know this about me, but I took 4 years of French classes in High School. I love to hear French being spoken. I also love point and click puzzle games, so this demo really appealed to me—pandered almost. 

The demo is about 10 minutes long, but was not disappointing. The demo has some humor, puzzles that make you think, and the controls were responsive and accurate. The art isn’t quite the style I’m used to—I do prefer the more cutesy art style—but graphics are not bad by any means. 

I know that the development of the game is currently on hold, but I do hope the developer will be able to pick it up again to complete a full game. I would certainly be interested in playing it. You can try the demo for yourself by downloading for free from *here*.

4. Koloro (In Development)

Source: Screen Capture in Game 
Koloro is an adorable action puzzle platformer, created by Sk√∂llStudio. You play as Kora, an adorable girl who embarks on a journey to find her sister, along with her imaginary magical fairy friend, Bou. Bou uses her powers to aide Kora in her quest, in an interesting way. Bou enables Kora to become a magical cube, for lack of better terms. As a cube, Kora is able to move quickly, scale walls and maneuver her way through the mazey levels.  

The graphics of this game are downright adorable. Kora, Bou, even the enemies are adorable. The levels aren’t ridiculously difficult, nor are they easy. I like the level designs, and the puzzle aspects really make you must think to get through the levels with all of the crystals. The gameplay mechanics made me think of geometry dash a little bit. 

I only played the demo, but I’m awaiting the full release on Steam, which was greenlit, but not quite ready for release. If you enjoy puzzle platformers, this game may be for you. You can try the demo from *here*, and once it is ready, the full game will be available on Steam and both(I assume).

As always, be sure to leave your comments for the developers on their pages, and be sure to share so you can get the word out. 

Happy Gaming, Friends!


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