Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Finding Closure || Midnight Train to Nowhere (PC)

"You are strong enough to face this, even if it doesn't feel like it right now." --Unknown

Title Screen

Midnight Train to Nowhere is a short, but sweet, rpg style game created by mannytsu. A long time ago now, I reviewed another one of mannytsu's games called Imaginary Friends. In Midnight Train to Nowhere, you play as George, and you board the midnight train to find closure in your life, regarding your friend leaving. You’ll get to meet other characters and friends, and try to help them as you try to help yourself. Its seems that all of the characters aboard the train are working through their own issues, and until they work through them, they’re stuck on the train.

The characters are cute, and I love the hand drawn style of artwork. The animations are well done, the colors are smooth, and it’s like watching a cartoon play out. The music is also amazing, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I love the variety of characters

I enjoyed the messages that were portrayed throughout the train as well. Particularly Maria, who is on the ceiling is what looks like a depressive episode. Even if you get the step stool to try to reach her, you cannot. So, Aaron says that he’ll continue to stay and support her, until she feels better. I feel that’s really sweet. As someone who suffers from anxiety and depression, it hit home with me.

Over all, the art is cute, the music is beautiful, and the message is meaningful. This game is certainly worth the 10 minutes that it takes to play, and it’s free on Itch.io *here*. The game is up for votes in the Indie Game Maker Contest 2017 also, so if you like it, you can also show support by voting for it *here*.

Thank you all, as always, for stopping in. I hope you’ll give this game a shot. Be sure to leave your feedback and encouragement for the developer, and until next time…  Happy gaming, Jammers!



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