Saturday, December 9, 2017

Hit the Campaign Trail! || Political Animals (PC)


Political Animals is a political strategy game developed by Squeaky Clean and published by Positech Games.  You play as your chosen candidate and face off against an opponent to win over the popular vote and win the election, but beware. Corruption and dirty bad door deals are everywhere.

I found this game more interesting than I expected to. I bought this game ages ago in a  steam sale and I wasn’t sure I would even like it, but to my surprise I found myself getting into it, and trying to crush my opponent (I didn’t, but I came close!). Politics are always a little messy, and this game follows pretty much that same pattern. You can run a clean campaign without getting your paws dirty, but that makes it a little more difficult I think.

You choose your campaign helpers also, each with their own talents that can help you win over voters. The crow, for example, will fabricate scandals to damage the reputation of your opponent. Running a campaign and paying your aides is also expensive, and the campaign funds run out really quick, so you have to try to raise more.

The Otter-ly Best Candidate

There is a lot to keep track of when playing, and this game can quickly get repetitive and boring if this isn’t the kind of game you’re into. I wish there was something more special about the candidate you choose, other than just the animal. You can control your traits and such, but the animal you choose doesn’t pose any significance it seems, other than being adorable.

The graphics are very nice, like a story book. I also appreciate the great number of animals you can choose from as your candidate (Otter and Tanuki, please!) There are also a good number of traits to choose from, and I appreciate that you have to choose 1 positive trait and one negative, so you can’t be too OP(over powered). The music and sound effects are nice as well.

Overall, if you enjoy strategy and resource management, then you may find some enjoyment in this game. Regular priced this game is 14.99, but I would only recommend buying when this game is on sale. I enjoyed the time I put into the game, but not enough that I would have been okay if I had paid 14.99. You can check out the Steam page *here* for more information, or to buy it for yourself.
Be sure to leave that feedback for the developers to help them in the future, and let me know what you thought down below in the comments. Until next time, Jammers, happy gaming!



  1. That actually does sound like a fun game. It is a little bit of a shame though that the different animals don't have varying advantages/disadvantages. Feels like a missed opportunity for a little more depth.