Saturday, December 2, 2017

Prepare the Toilets || South Park: The Fractured but Whole (PC)


Almost everyone I’ve met has at least heard of South Park, so I won’t bore you with a lengthy introduction. It’s a mature cartoon that has been running on Comedy Central since I was a kid, and I’ve always enjoyed the show… for the most part. TFbW comes after Ubisoft’s previous South Park game, The Stick of Truth (Which I really enjoyed). You’re playing as the same “new kid” as you did in that game.

 Where Stick of Truth was about wizards and elves, magic and swords, TFbW is about super heroes. It has a big Marvel vs DC feel between the South Park groups: Freedom Pals, and Coon and Friends. You are a part of Coon and Friends. The main story revolves around a missing cat named Scambles that you are looking for, in order to collect the reward. As always, however, there is a lot more going on in South Park than just that.

Battles in the street! Unless a car comes along...

The character customization is good, and there are a lot of options to choose from—as well as more you collect in game. Hair styles, make up, facial hair, costumes, and more. So, you can always change it up if you get bored. There is also a wide array of costumes for your hero to wear. I’ve played about 13 hours’ worth of gameplay so far, and I have collected around 30 different costumes. I found a style and design that I liked, as you can see above.

Playing a South Park game is like playing through a long episode. It’s great to see the easter eggs from the show, and to play alongside your favorite characters (Butters, Tweek, and Craig are mine). It has the same fart humor that you either loved or hated in the first game. I happen to be a 12-year-old boy in disguise, and I find toilet humor hilarious.

All hail King Douchebag

I did have a few issues with controls, particularly during the toilet sequences. I tried 2 different controllers, but I still had issues getting the analog stick rotations to register properly. My ps4 controller worked a little better than my Logitech, but still had issues. I didn’t have any issues during any other parts of the game, though.

The graphics are nice—just like watching an episode of South Park—and the music is great. While a lot of South Park is ridiculous in your face humor, there are some serious moments too, which are also well captured in the game. The game isn’t for everyone, of course, but I personally found it fun and interesting. Who doesn’t want to be a superhero (even if it meant having to see your dad $&#^ your mom).

It's a-me!

I recommend picking it up, and giving it a chance. Maybe wait until it’s on sale though, since the $60 price tag might not be entirely worth it, unless you’re a big fan of the show. Also, if we’re comparing TFbW and Stick of Truth, I think Stick of Truth is the better game. Anyhow, check out TFbW on its Steam page *here*.

If you’ve played the game, let me know what you thought, and until next time… happy gaming, Jammers!



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