Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Sniping for You || Long Gone Days [DEMO] (PC)

From Steam Page

Long Gone Days is a 2D RPG game with visual novel and shooter elements in the works by BURA. You play as Rourke, a young man who has dreamed of being a Sniper for as long as he can remember. He gets his chance, and becomes a sniper in the Core—a highly isolated area that exists below the surface of the Earth. From the Core, squads can travel to the surface, to Kaliningrad. Rourke fills his post as sniper, believing that he is fighting against violent enemies…. But something seems a little strange, doesn’t it?

After he has exposed to the truth, Rourke decides to desert his post. Adair, the medic in his squad, decides to come along also. Together they want to escape the cruel reality they have come to find themselves in, but will they be able to handle facing their brothers in arms?

Adair, the optimist.

I did play through the demo of this game, and it looks really good. The game has beautiful pixel graphics, and visual novel style sprites as well. They work well together. The music is well composed and fitting for the scenes. I like the dystopian future vibe that the game has, and both Rourke and Adair are likeable characters. I feel for Rourke, as I imagine is his shoes I would have had to defect also (or die).

Okay, let’s talk about some of the features that the developers are promising for the full release! So, besides the classical RPG staples, LGD will also borrow mechanics from visual novel style games, puzzles, and shooters.

I really like the battle mechanics that the developers used, so I want to explain it a little better. On the battle screen, you’ll have the opportunity to fire at different areas of the body. Headshots, arm shots, body shots, and leg shots. Each had a different possible effect. For example, you can disable an enemy shooter by hitting them in the arms, or lower their evasion by making leg shots. I think this is a really interesting mechanic to use, and it helps spice up the battle gameplay a little.

In Battle

The game also says that it won’t have any random encounters, which is strange to hear for a game with so many RPG elements. Any battle will be plot related. Instead of leveling up with EXP, characters will learn new skills, upgrade weapons and craft new items. There is also no magic in LGD. Instead, characters have morale, which directly affects a character’s stats in battle. To keep morale up, you’ll need to know each character so that you know how to properly encourage them.

Overall this game looks really stylish, it has a good plot developing, the characters seem unique and have interwoven relationships with you that are important to maintain, and the battle system seems sound. I’m greatly looking forward to the full game release, which is set for February 2018. You can watch the trailer below or visit the Steam page *here* to try the demo for yourself, or get more information.

You can also watch my playthrough of the full demo on my YouTube Channel. There's a link to the demo video *here*

Thanks for shooting by to say hello. I hope you’ll take the chance to check out this game. Let me know what you think in the comments below! Until next time, happy gaming!



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