Sunday, August 6, 2017

Free Games #19

Hello everyone! How are you all doin'? I hope you're having a great day! School will be starting up again before you know it, so make sure to get your rest and study hard! But not today. Today we're gonna look at 4 more games free from that you may enjoy. Have a look. :)

1. Anchored

 Makes me wanna be a sky pirate!
Source: Screen Capture in Game

Anchored is a challenging exploration survival game created by BadCharger. You take control of yourself and 3 other settlers and you must collect resources, explore the world below, and defend your floating island settlement. Sounds simple enough!

I love a good survival game. I spent days playing Don’t Starve, I loved it so much. This game has the same basic principle, except with a floating island, which—let’s be honest—is pretty freaking cool in itself. Like most survival games, I died pretty quickly the first few times I tried to play. But after some practice I was able to live for a few days longer! 

In any case, I really enjoyed this game. The graphics are pleasing, I like the theme and there’s challenge involved. So if you like these kinds of games, you can try it for free on *here*!

2. The Endless Express

 On and on.
Source: Screen Capture in Game
The Endless Express is a calm exploration game created by Florian Veltman, where you get to navigate a collection of strange worlds connected by train. There are small tasks you can complete, or you can wander aimlessly and enjoy the calming atmosphere (like I did.) 

Each of the worlds has a unique appearance, be it a lighthouse by the ocean, a stop off near a gas station, or fields of cherry blossom trees. The game has some good humor hidden around, and the crazy train time tables made my head spin. 

The most memorable thing about this game for me was the dream-like graphics. The colors are vibrant and eye-catching. If you press the esc button in game, a portal opens, the appearance of the portal makes me think of a Miyazaki movie or other similar imaginative cartoon. 

Overall, although I didn’t play the game to any sort of “ending”, I found the game enjoyable and an interesting experience. It’s worth taking some time to wander around in the dream like world. You can download the game for free from *here*

3. Gran Mortalidad

A difficult decision....
Source: Screen Capture in Game

Gran Mortalidad is a think-quick puzzle game created by Piero-Diaz. You play as a girl who is seeking refuge, and you descend through multiple levels as you do this. You have to move the rooms in order to make a path, but avoid the infect rooms, and keep them from infecting other rooms. 

This game is intense, and challenging. I really enjoyed what I played of it, although I wasn’t able to finish it. I’m quick, but not quick enough to finish one of the levels near the end. I liked the game’s art style. It’s dark and foreboding, which fits the game well. 

Overall, for a short 15 level puzzle game, it’s well done. You can find the game free on *here* and try it for yourself!

4. Inspector Waffles 

 A secret office!
Source: Screen Capture in Game

Inspector Waffles in a point and click hidden item detective game created by Goloso Games. You play as Waffles, and you’ve come to investigate a crime scene. A cat has been murdered! It appears that he was thrown from a window, but… cats land on their feet, right? Something is suspicious… 

In the house, you have to find items and work your way to the second floor to try to uncover the truth! This is kind of a part one, and it ends on a ‘to be continued?’ screen. I hope that the developers are able to get another installment out because I really want to know who killed that cat!

The pixel graphics are decent, though some details can be difficult to make out at times(as with most pixel graphics), and there are no sounds, and no music because the developers ran out of time before the jam, but maybe it will be updated another time. 

Either way, you can download and try the game for free from *here*

 Thanks for sharing some of your valuable time with me today! Be sure to leave your feedback for the developers, and happy gaming!



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