Thursday, July 27, 2017

Stargazing || Chasing the Stars DEMO (PC)

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” –Oscar Wilde

That beautiful style :3
Source: Screen Capture in Game

Chasing the Stars in a BL/Yaoi Visual Novel created by ErtalGames, the makers of A Hand in the Darkness, which I also talked about *here*. In Chasing the Stars you play as Tirs, a young man finishing his last year of Environmental Engineering in college. Tirs has always dreamed of working on Alaya, terraforming it for colonization. 

Tirs set his dream aside in favor of romance, but it weighed on him heavily, and may have been the downfall of his relationship anyway. Without a boyfriend, Tirs can now refocus on his dream. He has his friends at his side, but can he really achieve his dream in the end? 

Follow that dream, Tirs!
Source: Screen Capture in Game

I really enjoyed this demo. I enjoyed A Hand in the Darkness also, but Chasing the Stars has a steampunk aesthetic about it that I love, and it’s about outer freaking space. It doesn’t get much cooler. The art is lovely, I love the artist’s style. The characters all have a unique style about them. 

I’m excited about the story and options too! There are three different love interests, top/bottom options (as well as a skip if you’re not into all that), two threesomes (ooo la la), and multiple endings of course. 

 Everyone needs a friend like Pol
Source: Screen Capture in Game

The game is currently running a Kickstarted campaign as well! I’ve already backed, and they’ve been fully funded, but there are stretch goals, as well as some cool rewards you can pick up, so be sure to take a look *here* And be sure to check out the demo, which you can download free from *here*

Thanks for sharing some of your precious time with me today. I hope you’ll give this demo a try, and be sure to leave your feedback for the developers. Happy gaming!



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