Sunday, July 30, 2017

Browser Games #6

I've downloaded too many games lately, and my queue has been growing. So we're gonna instead take a look at some game you can play in your browser, with no downloads needed. Let's have a look!

1. Bertram Fiddle and the Inexplicable Meat Mound

 Meat my monster!

Bertram Fiddle and the Inexplicable Meat Mound is a sort of create your own monster type of game created by Rumpus Animation. This game is a silly pastime in which you use various chunks of meat to build a horrific monster to call your own!

You can see above the monster I created. It was fun enough, though the idea of actually playing with meat is seriously off putting. The graphics are nice, for chunks of meat, and there is also a decent variety of chunks to work from.

Overall this game is short, and unless you really like creating meat monsters, will only warrant 5-10 minutes of gameplay. This seemed like a side project while Rumpus Animation worked on the main Adventures of Bertram Fiddle game. Whatever the case, you can build your meat monster right in your browser on, *here*.

2. It Shakes the World Apart

Hi Ruth!
It Shakes the World Apart is a game created by lectvs about making friends. You play as Soloman, a lonely character who has become a recluse, with only your imaginary friend Angie to keep you company. However, your loneliness is stubborn, and you feel as though you’re falling apart. Angie encourages you to go out and make some real friends, so that’s what we’re going to do.

There are 4 other characters in the neighborhood to meet, although I suppose I identify most with Ruth. She wants to make friends, but feel like she’s too much of a bother. I feel you, girl. The interactions with the characters are a bit dry, though, and lackluster.

The pixel graphics are cute,and the sounds are decent. I didn’t care for the music, but it’s not bad, it just doesn’t fit my taste in music. Overall this game is mediocre in terms of gameplay, but the sentiment is nice, and I love pixel graphics. It’s sort, about 7 minutes for a full play through, so feel free to try it in browser for yourself *here*.

3. Fancy Fartifacts and Devilish Deals

Purrito, anyone?

Fancy Fartifacts and Devlish Deals is a fun game created by LUREKILL. You are running a shop with a demon, and if you sell enough items maybe you can get your curse lifted. But watch out! If you sell too many sketchy items, the magic police will get wind and shut you down.

I had fun playing this game. Some of the items you see are quirky, and, if you take the time to look at them, quite funny. The graphics are nice, the music is fitting for a fame about running a shop, and the sounds are nice as well.

Overall, this one is a nice way to pass some time. You can play it for free right in your browser in *here*

4. Pond

 Ahh, those relaxing pixel graphics.

If the last game got you in a tozzy trying to hurry and sell off those nefarious items, then here is a game to help you slow back down. Pond is a rock skipping simulator created by Brendan Keogh. There’s not much else to say about it, that’s the entire game.

So slow down, relax, and skip some stones for a little bit. You can skip stones in browser *here*

Thank you once again guys, gals, and non-binary pals, for spending some time with me today. As always, be sure to leave your encouragement and feedback for the developers on their respective pages, and happy gaming!



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