Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Yer a Wizard, Adri! || Project Leodetable Institute DEMO (PC)

“It’s still magic, even if you don’t know how it’s done.” –Terry Pratchett

 Title Screen
Source: Screen Capture in Game

 Project Leodetable Institute is an 18+ BL visual novel in development by Erda Enos. You play as Adri, a blind tailor that lost his memory 5 years ago, but has the ability to “see” in some way, almost like detecting auras or something equivalent. Adri doesn’t know that he actually has magical ability. 

In their world, known as Varr, magic is seen as a dangerous and forbidden power. The leaders in the past would go as far to sentence those who used magic to death. In time, the Leodetable Institute, with a pact between the humans and the Gods, was made to teach those with magical potential to control their powers. However, the existence of magic is still appalling to commoners, thus the gathering of those with magical talent had to be kept secret.  

 What are these bizarre enemies!?
Source: Screen Capture in Game

I want to leave most of the demo up for you to experience yourself so I don’t want to give a play by play, but I found the premise intriguing. I look forward to seeing where the developer takes the story in the future. 

So, let’s talk about the game features! I think what I was most impressed with is the artwork, which is outstanding. Each character looks unique and well made up. Maps scroll in a manner similar to Legend of Mana, or Radiata Stories. And… probably many other games but those are the two that immediately came to my mind. 
Oh, Adri...
Source: Screen Capture in Game

The battle system is turned based, with basic RPG skills—attack, magic, guard, item. I wish the battle was a little more challenging, as you can kill the first enemies you encounter in 1 hit. I also thought the music was pretty good. The dialogue does have some errors that need correcting, both in spelling, grammar and some lines of dialogue will repeat. 
The developer is aiming for an October 2018 release, and you can support the game (and reserve yourself a copy of the game) on Indiegogo *here*. Also, be sure to download the demo free from Itch.io to try *here*.
Thanks for sharing some of your time with me today! Be sure to leave your feedback and encouragement for the developer, and happy gaming!


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