Saturday, November 26, 2016

Heart Beaten for the 3DS

"What if someone loves you, but your only desire is to get away from them as fast as you can?"

This is the question posed to this game. And this game's answer is simple... YOU CRUSH THEM. CRUSH THEM MERCILESSLY.

Source: Nintendo(link below)

In Heart Beaten, your goal is to destroy his heart until there is nothing left. We do this by blending it, playing Duck Hunt with it, hitting it with a hammer, and dropping a bomb on it, to name a few. This game is composed different types of mini games, each prefaced but a short conversation between you and your... eh, ex-lover? The male is seeking to find a way to repair the relationship, and the girl responds to this with almost random insults--such as, "You're a bit overweight!" After which you get right to the heart beating. 

Source: Video Chums (link below)

The heart, by the way, is more anatomically correct than I expected, and I LOVE it. I had expected this to be a more cutesy game based on the cover, pink bubble letters and all.

The mini games are enjoyable, albeit frustrating at times. They get progressively harder the longer you go on, and has a point system with bronze, silver and gold ratings. You need to earn higher scores to unlock the higher levels--arcade style. In addition to many of the games having a "miss once and have to start over" arrangement, some the the levels require cat like reflexes and timing... um, which I do not have. It took me a while to get through some of the levels, but even so, I had the game finished in a an hour(I wasn't going for gold or anything, I'm more of a silver girl). 

The game's music is decent, although repetitive after a while. I ended up turning the volume down--which is sad because the music made me feel like I was in an arcade, but I wish there was more variety to it.  

Source: Video Game Legacy(link below)

You can buy Beaten Heart on the Nintendo shop for 2.99 right now, and it only takes up 277 blocks on your DS. So if you've got an hour(maybe two, if you're pushing it) to kill, this will fill that in for you. Sorry PC gamers, but it isn't on Steam(I looked).

Heart Beaten was overall fun, and I enjoyed playing it. The dialogue got a few chuckles out of me, the music was enjoyable, for the first 15 minutes anyway, and the mini games have a good variety of ways for you to smash/beat/burn that heart. I don't think the replayability is there--at least not for me. I'm not invested enough to try to get gold ratings on all of the mini games, and I don't have the skill required to do so(remember my lack of cat like reflexes?). If you have played this game, let me know what you thought of it!

Happy Gaming, Friends!

PS: This game has a rating of 7+. That seems a little low to me. I don't know that shotgunning hearts or putting hearts in a blender is appropriate for that age. But what do I know? 

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