Sunday, June 18, 2017

What Does this Button Do?! || Alchemy Garden [Pre-Alpha] (PC)

“The secrets of alchemy exist to transform mortals from a state of suffering and ignorance, to a state of enlightenment and bliss.” –Deepak Chopra

 Source: Screen Capture in Game

Alchemy Garden is a crafting and exploration game in development by Impoqo Games. This game is still in pre-alpha, so while I may list the issues or bugs I encountered in the game, keep that in mind. I also love crafting games. There’s something satisfying about being able to create new items by combining others. 

As far as gameplay goes, it’s pretty simple.  W A S D to move, and you use your mouse buttons to interact. You can use items in your alchemy machines to create new items, and you can travel outside to forage for a wider variety. I did have some issues as far as controls—particularly when picking up flowers. It would say to press ‘E’ to pick up, but that wouldn’t work. I would have to press ‘E’ to turn the flower into a seed, then use the mouse button to pick them up. 

 Source: Screen Capture in Game

I’m also not sure how the mechanics are meant to work, but when I placed the seeds into my garden, they would automatically grow, without watering—which the sign outside the garden tells me to do.
As for the environment, it looks good so far, even if it is sort of low poly. The colors are bright and vibrant, which I like, and the map is big enough to leave a good deal of exploration room, or additional activities. There is currently a cave with a beautiful glowing lotus like flower inside, but I’m not sure what to do with it. 

Some other things I would have liked were an inventory, first and foremost. It was agonizing to pick up one piece of wood at a time, after you had to drop your axe to pick it up in the first place.  It was also very time consuming. 

 Source: Screen Capture in Game
Overall, I feel like this game has a lot of potential for those who enjoy a slower paced crafting/exploration type of game—like me. There are certainly some bugs to work out, and some polishing and refinement that needs done, but the bones are there, and that’s a good start!

You can download and try the pre-alpha of Alchemy Garden from *here*. Be sure to leave your feedback for the developer, and let me know what you thought in the comments below.
Thanks for sharing some of your time with me, and happy gaming!



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