Thursday, June 15, 2017

Free Games #15

Hello once again, everyone! It's time to dig around on to find some free games to share with everyone. So, I've gathered up and played 4 different games from to see if they were any good. Now I want to share them with you!


 Source: Screen Capture in Game

ICOSIA is a relaxing puzzle game created by George Prosser. In ICOSIA, you get to untangle constellations, and trace paths through them, from star to star. You cannot pass over the same star twice, so you have to strategize a path to get though all of the stars in one fell swoop. 

The music for this game is amazing, so relaxing and delightful to listen to. The graphics are also pleasing, I felt like I was really gazing at a night sky. I also enjoy these sorts of puzzle games, and this game is simple, but satisfying. 

There seem to be quite a few levels as it goes on, though I haven’t reached the end. The difficulty gradually increases over time as well. Overall, this game is a very enjoyable experience. You can try this relaxing game for yourself for free, just download *here*.

2. I Feel the World

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I Fell the World is a simplistic Legend of Zelda like game created by jagames. You play as a traveler in a strange floating world, inhabited by floating eyeball creatures in cloaks. You aren’t really given any kind of goal, so it’s more of a matter of exploration. You can collect hearts to increase your health, and go through a maze to get a crossbow weapon. 

The graphics are simple, but not bad. I wish we had some sort of background for the main character, even just a name, but the appearance looks like a woman. The controls are eh. Aiming the crossbow can be difficult, and hitting enemies can be frustrating. A sound effect of some sort to know that we actually hit the monster would be helpful in this case. 

The simplistic and silly dialogue of this game also was enjoyable. Though, the game ended abruptly, and I was left a little lost, I still enjoyed the experience to get there. I believe the creator has plans to expand upon this game, and I think that it could be something worth playing again if they do. You can try it for yourself free from *here*.
3. The Story of The Revolutionary Watermelon That Wanted to Live Free As A Bird and Learned How to Escape

Source: Page
What a title to type out…. Anyhow, Revolutionary Watermelon is a quirky one button game created by SpaceBackyard. You play as a watermelon on the escape from the watermelon patch. Can you make it all the way to the water so you can be washed away to freedom? You’ll have to jump over tree branched and roots, avoid being run over by a car, or falling to a gruesome death. 

As simple as this game is, I really enjoyed it. You only used one button, the space button, which makes the watermelon jump. You can control the jump to some extend but either tapping the space or holding it. The watermelon has health, which you can see as the glow around the watermelon changes from white to yellow and then red. Jump and land the wrong way, or fall too far and your poor melon will break open. 

You can try this game for yourself for free by downloading from *here*. I hope you’ll enjoy the short experience as much as I did.
4. Try Harder

Source: Screen Capture in Game

Try Harder is an endless runner game where “You cannot win, only try harder!” created by Noodlecake and Glitchnap. You play as a ninja looking character and you endless run through interesting and aesthetically pleasing landscapes. This game is also a one button game, where you use the space to jump, glide, and use your powerup. 

I really found this game fun. I’ve never been a fan of endless runners, but I would play this game again to try to get farther. I did have some issues with using powerups when I wanted to glide, or double jump and such. It was frustrating at times, but it didn’t cause me to not enjoy the game overall.

You can try the game for free by downloading from *here*. But remember to try hard!

Thanks for sharing some time with me, and happy gaming!



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