Sunday, August 20, 2017

Picking Up Steam #2

Hello everybody! It's time once again to look to the horizon to see what games may be awaiting us! ( That means we're gonna look at some up and coming games to look forward to! ) Without further time wasting, let's talk games. 
1. Surviving Mars
Source: Kotaku 
We’ve all wondered what it would be like to live on a different planet. I actually daydreamed about it since I was just a child, except I always wanted to move to Uranus or Neptune (because the colors are pretty). Mars seems somewhat more realistic though, even if it is still more like science fiction.  That’s what Survive Mars is about. You will have to build the first colony on Mars, and manage your supplies so that you can survive. You’ll cultivate your own food, mine minerals, and explore the red planet to uncover mysteries.
Surviving Mars isn’t much of a revolutionary idea for a game. It has the main mechanics of most survival games, only set on Mars (which is good enough for me since I LOVE space).  When building, you’ll have to remember to keep functionality of the colony in mind, because this is life or death. Poor design could mean it’s the end for you. Each colonist has an individual with problems and strengths that can affect the behavior and needs of the other colonists around them. 
There is also a randomized research tree, and you can attain new scientific breakthroughs by exploring the uncharted terrain of the Mars surface. The game also has a “futuristic-retro” aesthetic, which harkens back to the 1960’s, a time of exploration and space wonder. 
I’m a huge fan of survival games, so this game is calling my name. I have thought a lot about what it would be like to try to colonize Mars, and this could be my chance! This game isn’t set to release until sometime in 2018, but for me, it is worth the wait. View the trailer below, and visit the Steam page *here* to see screen shots or read additional info.

2. Tiny Echo

In Tiny Echo you play as Emi and you deliver messages to the various spirits across the land. This game caught my eye when I saw the trailer on an indie gaming YouTube channel, and Emi is so gosh darn cute! I love games that have a hand-drawn style to them as well.
Besides the adorable and endearing art aesthetic, the music sound soothing and beautiful, which is another huge plus for me. A soundtrack can help to make or break a game, and this game’s music sounds like something I would just listen to on my own on any given day.
There are puzzles to solve, and you’ll have to learn the unique traits and quirks of each character to deliver your message properly. The game boasts a wordless narrative, which can be off-putting to some, but I’ve found in some games (such as the indie game Reditum which I reviewed *here* ) make beautiful pieces and amazing journeys on their own, without the words. In these games the music plays an even more important role, so Tiny Echo is doing fine.
Overall the game sounds like a very relaxing and awe-inspiring title. This game releases soon (August 31, 2017) so I’ll be looking forward to getting my hands on it soon enough.   Watch the trailer below, or visit the Steam page *here* for more information on the game itself.

3. Ashen
Ashen is an action RPG about a wanderer in search of a place to call home in a world where nothing lasts. Find those you trust and enlist them to help you build home and survive. Be careful, though… Can you really trust them?
There isn’t much released about this game right now in terms of content, or mechanics, or expected features. All I really know about the game is that the trailer looks awesome, and it sounds like another survival type of game, which is right up my alley. Although, this game looks to be more challenging. There are clearly battle mechanics, judging from the trailer, and at one point a rather large boss that game me Dark Souls flashbacks.
This game could be a great challenge, but we won’t know until sometime in 2018, when they plan to release. Either way, I can’t wait for it. View the trailer below, or visit the Steam page to add it to your wishlist *here*.

4. Growbot

 Source: The Mental Attic
Growbot is a point and click adventure about a robot names Nara saving her home. The graphics are unique, adorable and so detailed. The background and scenery look amazing. Story wise, Nara is a student growbot on her first day of captaincy training on a space station. Before she can finish the day, an unknown force infects the station, causing large crystals to quickly grow. She goes in search of the captain, and along the way she’ll meet a cast of quirky and colorful creatures.
Nara will also have to repair strange machinery, and discover the force behind the crystal growth in order to save the station. The game also involves puzzles, which I enjoy, but the developers state that they aim to make the game accessible to all—those with a lot of game experience and those with little or none.
Over all, this game sort of makes me think of Machinarium, another puzzle game with a robot that I enjoyed, so I have high hopes for this adorable looking point and click puzzler. See a trailer below, and check out the steam page *here* for more information!

Thank you once again for stopping in. I hope you found a game or two to add to your steam wishlist. Are there any other games that you're looking forward to? Let me know in the comments below! Until next time, take car and happy gaming!



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