Thursday, May 11, 2017

Tailor Tales Beta 0.2 (PC)

Source: In Game Screen Capture
Tailor Tales is a romance visual novel created by Celianna. I’m not sure is this game was created for the NaNoRenO Jam, but it came out around the same time. In this VN you are able to choose your skin tone, hair and eye color, as well as personally name your MC (Main Character). The game is divided into chapters, and each chapter costs money to proceed—but not real money! You make money by designing clothes in game for clients. While this hasn’t been implemented in the Beta 0.2 version, I think it’s still a point to make. 

Let’s talk about story. The game starts when the MC is a child, and we quickly learn that she is a rebellious tomboy of a girl. She seems to resent that her mother wants her to be more of a girly girl, wanting her to stay clean and pretty. MC is presented with a pink princess style dress that her grandmother made. However, MC refuses to wear it, and wants to go out and play instead, so she runs off. She returns to the playground and finds a young boy there, who has run away from home. Like MC, this boy doesn’t want to stay clean and proper, he just wants to be a kid and play. 

MC and this boy (Neil) quickly become friends, and they play together—until the cops show up. Looks like Neil’s parents are missing him. I chose to take Neil and run, but eventually Neil is taken home and we don’t see him again for years…

 Source: In Game Screen Capture

After this, we learn about MC’s grandmother, who had made her the pink dress, and is also ill. MC is very close to her grandmother… but unfortunately, grandmother doesn’t get better and MC experiences the painful loss of a loved one. MC now clings to the pink dress that her grandmother had made, trying to keep her close. This event inspires MC to pick up sewing herself.

When see MC again, she is grown, and opening her own clothing boutique. She really took sewing to heart it seems, and is not a skilled seamstress and tailor. MC and her best friend Sarah go for coffee at the local shop, but MC quickly gets herself into trouble by spilling coffee onto another customer in the cafe who is a total jerk(and clearly Neil from our childhood). however, they don’t recognize each other at the time. Man, Neil became a jerk though. They don’t recognize each other until Neil happens across MC’s boutique and sees some pictures from her childhood. But… it seems Neil was under the impression that the MC had been a boy as a child. Oops. He gets quickly flustered and bounces out.

Source: In Game Screen Capture

I think that’s enough of the story. There is quite a bit that happens in the beta 0.2 version and I don’t want to spoil it all. This beta only has one path, Neil’s, and only the first 12 chapters of it. What the game has, I really enjoy. I’m curious about what made Neil such a jerk, hoping it’s not just a typical “He’s rich and snobby so he’s an asshole” trope. I’m curious about the other possibly romancable characters also. 

I think more than anything, though, I want to play around with the tailoring system! The graphics are nice—I like the sprites, and the subtle movements in the CG images. The music also is really nice, and fits the environments and moods—although it can seem a bit loud at times. Overall the game is wonderful for a beta. I look forward to seeing how the missing elements all work together in the finished game.

So I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for this game as it is in development. I really enjoyed this beta, and I encourage you to download it and try it for yourself. You can download the beta from for free *here*.

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